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Teach children about safe surfing

Here are some good resources to help teach children about how to stay safe on the Web. Also, many of these sites have adult components that are worth taking a look at. Remember to check out the safe surfing for kids resources right here at 4Kids!

Safe Surfing with Doug Disney International enlists the popular cartoon character Doug to help kids acquire Internet safety skills on its site Safe Surfing with Doug. "Doug's Interactive Story" is a great exercise for encouraging smart Web decision making for kids and there are extra features including printable pages explaining things like emoticons :) and tips for safe surfing.

Get Your Official Web License PBS Kids Go! offers a "Rules of the Road" test, where kids can earn an official PBS Kids Web license.

Kid-friendly search engines

Many of the search engines that are popular with adults have special ones for kids. There are also others that provide sites containing exclusively-kid content. Just remember, many of these search engines may link to sites containing advertisements or have advertisements themselves.

Yahoo Kids Yahoo! Kids is Yahoo!'s web site for kids ages 7-12. The search engine does contains ads, although some promote safe Web surfing. There is also a good section on safe surfing for kids and adults. However, many of the sites the search engine links to contain ads.

KOL logo KOL - Kids Online features sites that have been handpicked by AOL. Like most other search engines, this site does have ads, and also links to pages with ads.

Ask Kids Ask Kids is geared towards a younger audience, but it does contain ads, both on the site, and in the content to which it links.

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Safe Surfing
For a child to be a safe surfer, adults must also understand how to keep children safe. Find out more from 4Kids about filtering software, safe surf strategies to teach your child, and the most effective way to protect your child from harmful content!

There are federal laws in place to protect children's privacy - find out what they are and what they mean to a child's surfing experience.

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