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How good are you at finding out stuff? Would you like to become a 4Kid Champion of the week? Read this week's issue of 4Kids, visit the Web sites, and then answer the Kid Quest questions below.

Hint: The questions will give you clues where to find your answers.

If you get all the answers right, you can list your name as a 4Kids Champion of the Week. Good luck, future Champion! This week's Kid Quest Champions list.

Kid Quest Questions:

1. What is the River Monster of the Desert?
Gila Monster
Lochness Monster
Snake Monster

2. When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?
July 4, 1776
July 4, 1779
July 4, 1781

3. Who is the only person to serve as both head of the CIA and president of the United States?
John F. Kennedy
George H.W. Bush
Franklin Roosevelt

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