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How good are you at finding out stuff? Would you like to become a 4Kid Champion of the week? Read this week's issue of 4Kids, visit the Web sites, and then answer the Kid Quest questions below.

Hint: The questions will give you clues where to find your answers.

If you get all the answers right, you can list your name as a 4Kids Champion of the Week. Good luck, future Champion! This week's Kid Quest Champions list.

Kid Quest Questions:

1. What other organizations have partnered with NFL Play 60?
Boys and Girls Club and Danimals
Gatorade and Fitness Sports
All of the above

2. What type of activity is tug-of-war?
Bone Strengthening
Muscle Strengthening

3. When was Ranger Rick magazine first published?
January 1947
January 1967
January 1987

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