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www.4Kids.org provides weekly reviews of safe, educational and fun websites for kids, and offers a searchable database of more than 13,000 sites. Created by educators and students at the University of Kansas, 4Kids has also been a syndicated weekly newspaper feature since 1996.

Our vision is to promote reading and intellectual interests by providing children and parents a variety of high-quality Web sites that demonstrate learning can be a safe, fun and adventurous activity. www.4Kids.org offers adults a reliable way to guide children toward high-quality sites without discouraging their natural curiosity and exploration. We also encourage children to communicate with us about future publications, and the popular “Ask Amy” column responds to questions submitted about technology and the Internet.

Parents, teachers and school librarians like www.4Kids.org because it provides a valuable starting point for educational explorations on specific topics. Cool Spots is a search feature built into the Web site that organizes features by content area. Children like the site because it’s a great place to find information for homework assignments. www.4Kids.org has also been featured as an American Library Association (ALA) Great Web Site for Kids.

www.4Kids.org supports and follows the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in valuing children’s online privacy.  www.4Kids.org makes every effort to features kids’ Web sites that expressly follow COPPA as stated in the sites’ privacy policies.

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    Thanks to all the SCR*TEC and HPR*TEC members who have contributed to www.4Kids.org through the years:

    Doug Adams, Marilyn Ault, Melissa Brown, Frank Carey, Jerry Chaffin, Ed.D., Ellen Flaherty, Tracy Floreani, Glen Friedman, Matt Gregg, Jennifer Holvoet, Shane Landry, Abel Leon, Derek Moscato, Jim Nazworthy, Caleb "Jones" Nothwehr, Justin Penka, Sherri Ryan, Dave Scherrer, Jen Spina, Aaron Sumner, Paul Tangen, Barb Thompson, Ph.D., Laura Veazey, Jeff Victor, Christy Ziegler, Ph.D., and Lee Hornbrook.


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