Come out of your Cocoon
How does a caterpillar become a butterfly? Watch it happen before your eyes by raising your very own caterpillar. You can find the best tips for caterpillar parenting by visiting the Children's Butterfly Site at www.kidsbutterfly.org. There are coloring pages that take you through the lifecycle of a Monarch butterfly, great info on books and videos, and links to other sites on butterflies. Check out the fabulous photo gallery of the world's most beautiful insects. At this site you will metamorphose into a fan of these friendly flying creatures. Come out of your cocoon and log on with butterfly lovers all over the world!

Southern MusicFrom Louis Armstrong to Elvis Presley, and Hank Williams to Ray Charles, the American South remains one of the hottest musical meccas in the world. Rock, jazz, blues and country have all made names for themselves here, and now you can find out why, at the Southern Music Web site. Simply rock and roll out to www.southernmusic.net and you'll be immersed in a world of Louisiana Swing, vintage guitars and the Grand Ole Opry. Once you arrive, you can take a trip along the Southern music timeline, extending all the way back to the turn of the century, or check up on the latest music notes from Texas to Virginia. For the traveling crowd, there are links to popular cities and destinations. You'll even run into information on related books, fea-tured artists, and the legendary Gibson guitar. And don't forget to tune in to the Southern music netcast. After all, it's time to shake, rattle and roll!(Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-in
Aviation fans and military buffs alike will love what's playing at Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-in. Some of the greatest battles of WWII took place in the air, and the Drive-in allows you to sit in the cockpit and live out your airborne fantasy. Touch down at www.zenoswarbirdvideos.com and you'll have the opportunity to check out such planes as the Corsair and the Bᆱ up close. There are plenty of video clips, photos and aviation flashbacks to keep every high-flying Web surfer smiling. Get ready to fly the not-so-friendly skies! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
To play the current Kid Quest Challenge, go to www.4Kids.org/kidquest.

When you know the answers to the questionsbelow, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4KidsDetective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong.Good luck.

1. What is a URL?

Uniform Resource Locator
Unidentified Roving Log
Unhappy Rotten Lump
2. What was James Brown's No.1 hit in 1965?
All I Wanna Do
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
It Must Have Been Love
3. At which stage in its life cycle does the butterfly eat and grow most?
This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
To play the current Kid Quest Challenge, go to www.4Kids.org/kidquest.

Dear Amy: How do I save images from the Internet to my disk? Also, how do I transfer pictures from my scanner to my own Web page?-Amy, Jacksonville, AL

Dear Amy: I found out how to save images from the Web on the World Wide Web FAQ at www.boutell.com/newfaq. Here's the easiest one: If you are using Netscape, just hold down the right mouse button over the image. A menu will appear that includes the option of saving the image. To put pictures on your Web page, you have to save them in JPEG or GIF formats. You can convert them with these shareware programs: GIFConverter (Mac) and Lview Pro (PC). You can download these propgrams at http://download.com.

Dear Amy: I have created a pretty good Web site. Recently, I tried putting some JAVA downloads on it, but it doesn't work. Any ideas?-Grant, Miami, OK

Dear Grant: I've been seeing home pages that are using JAVA for everything from navigating their Web site to calculating sports stats. First, check with your server administrator to see if your server supports JAVA. Then check out Sun's JAVA source at http://java.sun.com. They can link you up to tutorials, FAQs, policies, examples and downloads. Be sure to send me your URL when you are done. I would love to see your page.

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