Our Kid Quest Champions of the Week!     Kaitlyn A., age 8, from St louis,      serenity L., age 7, from Kansas City,      serenity L., age 7, from Kansas City,      kaylee N., age 9, from philadelphia, united states     marcos J., age 8, from unitedstats,      tomdanh A., age 9, from pennylvainain, penn     adaejah W., age 9, from unitstats,      Angelia K., age 11, from Indianapolis,      Tanishi P., age 9, from ,      Anna B., age 10, from ,      Sebastian D., age 10, from NYC,      nathan J., age 99, from billy,      Amaya S., age 8, from hayes, richmond\     Riley M., age 10, from antioch,      Arianna E., age 10, from Savage,      Yashaswee M., age 13, from Baripada, India     MAKAYLA A., age 10, from BLANCHESTER, US     Amanda B., age 9, from Minnitonka,      

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Week of April 19, 2015

ChildMeet Crafty Chloe
Do you enjoy arts and crafts? The Crafty Chloe Make-Stuff Blog ...
ATMVisit the Bank
Do you keep your allowance or birthday money in a piggy bank? ...
HousePractice Makes Perfect
Harcourt Trophies is a collection of games to help you improve language arts skills ...

AmyAsk Amy
Final Projects
The end of the school year is a few weeks away, and final projects, book reports and essays have been assigned. This year I have an animal science project ...


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