Our Kid Quest Champions of the Week!     Amber F., age 33, from Erwin,      nevaeh H., age 8, from henderson,nv, usa     Tremayne evane A., age 8, from phenixcity,      Diana M., age 12, from Charelston,      jabria L., age 9, from unitid states, libertiy city     gregory S., age 7, from miami fl, us     Betty T., age 10, from Shoreline,      Betty T., age 10, from Shoreline,      kady O., age 10, from Bedworth, United Kingdom     Tracyn V., age 15, from Sunrise, US     THOMAS T., age 5, from CHARLOTTE, NORTHCAROLINA     GABRIELLE T., age 10, from CHARLOTTE, CHARLOTTE     makena H., age 7, from GOSHEN, usa     courtney B., age 11, from kanas city,      

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Week of December 7, 2014

USS ArizonaPearl Harbor
National Geographic presents Remembering Pearl Harbor a look back at December 7, 1941. ...
Apple WhiteEver After High
The students in Shannon Hale’s popular books come to life at Ever After High ...
Panda BearCurious Kids
Have you always been curious about a variety of topics? Cool Kid Facts, ...

AmyAsk Amy
Winter Sports
Many of you know a lot about summer sports because you actually get out and play games like soccer, baseball, football and golf when it’s warm outside. You might also watch professional teams on television from to time ...


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