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Week of December 10, 2017

Edmund FitzgeraldGreat Lakes Shipwrecks
Did you know that thousands of ships rest at the bottom of the Great Lakes? The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum ...
Lake SuperiorProtecting the Great Lakes
The Great Lakes contain 20 percent of the Earth's fresh water. The ...
LunaVisit the Aquarium
Chicago's Shedd Aquarium houses 32,000 animals. Animals & Care describes the ...

AmyAsk Amy
Dear Amy: My family is planning an Alaskan cruise and they asked me to do some research. What time of year is best for taking this type of trip? Karsyn W., Seattle, Washington
Dear Karsyn: The best time to go on an Alaskan cruise really depends on the type of weather your family enjoys. The cruising season runs from April ...

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Alaska's Animals
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