Our Kid Quest Champions of the Week!     Logan F., age 10, from barnes,      osar W., age 10, from mason,wi,      myah A., age 10, from cable,      Emma B., age 10, from Drummond ,wi,      Tyler R., age 10, from Cable,      Emma B., age 10, from Drummond,      Darcy G., age 10, from Grad View,      Arrik G., age 10, from Drummonb,      Madison A., age 10, from cable,      Sydney M., age 10, from Barnes,      salvador S., age 8, from DobbsFerry,      isabella R., age 8, from dobbsferry, iti     Melanie M., age 8, from Dobbs Ferry,      isabella R., age 8, from newyork, itly     Aliya S., age 8, from Madeira Beach,      Sofia Lubna K., age 11, from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia     Cameron T., age 6, from plant city, US     reagan C., age 6, from enoree,      

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Week of November 8, 2015

crewWorld War II
The National WWII Museum in New Orleans looks at what life was like for the 100 million soldiers ...
Service DogWarriors Training Dogs
Warrior Canine Connection helps veterans heal ...
SoldierWar Stories
Experiencing War: Stories from the Veterans History ...

AmyAsk Amy
Dear Amy: Why does the United States celebrate Veterans Day on Nov. 11? James T., Scottsdale, Arizona
Dear James: This is such a great question as we observe the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II ...


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