Our Kid Quest Champions of the Week!     Pamela F., age 8, from Elizabeth , US     Brianna N., age 8, from Elizabeth, US     Jaya A., age 7, from Elizabeth, U.S     M.Shayan U., age 11, from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia     Ameena A., age 15, from Kodungllur, India     Lulu A., age 9, from ,      ariana S., age 7, from , us     jakia H., age 7, from ,      julia K., age 14, from burnsville,      Chris B., age 20, from Oklahoma city,      Kevin B., age 10, from Wanaque,      sterling P., age 10, from clarkston, washington     Ellie R., age 11, from bonners ferry,      Brayden D., age 10, from Dunedin,      Lara Patricia P., age 15, from Manila, Philippines     trey K., age 10, from west monroe,      tony A., age 12, from harlem, usa     Alston A., age 10, from Dubai, UAE     tony A., age 12, from harlem, usa     Alston A., age 10, from Dubai, UAE     khayannah M., age 12, from kingston, jamaica     Sanidhya J., age 11, from Mandi, India     Eric B., age 32, from Excelsior,      steven F., age 10, from Graceville,      Alston A., age 10, from Dubai, UAE      ., age , from ,      Alston A., age 10, from Dubai, UAE     Alston A., age 10, from Dubai, UAE     Ryan C., age 14, from Eagan,       ., age , from ,      

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Week of July 10, 2016

Math GamesMath Games
Keep your math skills sharp over the summer with more than 300 free e-learning for kids Math games...
Chicago FireFire of the Century
The Great Chicago Fire of 1871, destroyed a city that had been growing ...
Mountain Surprising Mountain Facts
Did you know that some of the world's tallest mountains are located at the bottom ...

AmyAsk Amy
Dear Amy: My family is going camping this summer, and we will be cooking over an open fire. How do we make sure we donít start a forest fire? ó Macie G., Forks, Washington
Dear Macie: Camping is a wonderful family adventure! As long as you follow a few safety tips, you and your family will have a great ...

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