Our Kid Quest Champions of the Week!     Pamela F., age 8, from Elizabeth , US     Brianna N., age 8, from Elizabeth, US     Jaya A., age 7, from Elizabeth, U.S     M.Shayan U., age 11, from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia     Ameena A., age 15, from Kodungllur, India     Lulu A., age 9, from ,      ariana S., age 7, from , us     jakia H., age 7, from ,      julia K., age 14, from burnsville,      Chris B., age 20, from Oklahoma city,      Kevin B., age 10, from Wanaque,      

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Week of April 24, 2016

ForestVisit the Forest
Take a virtual guided hike and learn about sustainable forestry ...
BrainPeek Inside Your Brain
Take a close look at how your ...
ReadingComprehension Practice
The Jefferson Lab’s Reading Comprehension Passages ...

AmyAsk Amy
Study Apps
There are millions of applications available to download to your various mobile devices ...


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Play Canoe Puppies
Canoe Puppies

Arthur's Clubs
Turn up the volume in Dance Club, where Prunella and Binky will show you some new moves.

Speak Out! What racehorse do you believe deserves the title “World’s Greatest”? Why?
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