Our Kid Quest Champions of the Week!     GABRIELLE T., age 10, from CHARLOTTE, CHARLOTTE     makena H., age 7, from GOSHEN, usa     courtney B., age 11, from kanas city,      Ryder E., age 10, from Houston,    Bhavya G., age 9, from Brampton, Canada     Miles R., age 9, from S.F.,      Rawda A., age 9, from new york,      NIDHI P., age 10, from LAKE MARY,      trinity K., age 10, from Louisville,      Kaitlyn A., age 8, from St louis,      

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Week of February 22, 2015

rubyOnline Math Adventure
In the Quest for the Golden Calculator, you have a chance to become an apprentice of the Nettermint Studio and ...
ArcticExplore Cities
WeExplore is an adventure learn-
ing environment where teams explore the world ...
Kids ReadingBook Club
Kids from all over the country have joined the Spaghetti Book Club ...

AmyAsk Amy
Facts About Litter
Have you ever found a candy wrapper or soda can on the ground when you are out for a walk? ...


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