Our Kid Quest Champions of the Week!     ansley W., age 10, from dalton,      Clarissa A., age 13, from Houston,      Elizabeth T., age 12, from Morris,      Stacy L., age 10, from , Singapore     celeste H., age 8, from louisville, us     Jonathan T., age 8, from Rentz,      aviance G., age 11, from goose creek ,      Kaydance W., age 9, from Amarillo,      Calixta P., age 8, from Fremont,      Nathan H., age 11, from Saint Louis Park, United States     Anna T., age 8, from Huntersville,      Zoe P., age 7, from Abingdon, USA     Yuxin Z., age 14, from Jingzhou, China      ., age , from ,      john andrie A., age 11, from dipolog, Philippines     Nadifo M., age 14, from New Britain,      Michelle K., age 10, from Ponte Vedra, United States      Sameer C., age 10, from Edgewater,      Mckenna C., age 9, from ,      Alejandro T., age 11, from Union City, United States     Sarah L., age 9, from -, Singpore     Nicki N., age 22, from Richfeild, United States     olivia B., age 6, from Chillicothe, United States     melanya C., age 9, from Port Of Spain, Trinidad     john andrie A., age 11, from dipolog, philippine     jarisse andrea A., age 7, from dipolog, philippine     Dee N., age 12, from Savage,      Dee N., age 12, from Savage,      Jo Yi C., age 12, from Shakopee,      

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Week of September 13, 2015

SaturnLearn a New Skill
Are you up for a challenge? Visit Do It Yourself, a safe space where kids can go to learn ...
Space KidWise Food Choices
See if you can power your body with enough food and energy to fly to Planet Power in the Blast Off Game...
SkylineWhat Is Fracking?
Have you ever wondered where the natural gas that powers household appliances in many parts of the United States comes from ...

AmyAsk Amy
Healthy Habits
Getting good grades in school requires a lot of energy. While itís fun to stay up late on weekends, getting enough sleep on school nights is extremely important. Your body requires at least 10 hours of sleep per night. When youíve had the right amount of sleep ...


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