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What is Mr. Marks' favorite ethnic food?

What is our translation of “ka”?

How old was Darwin when he boarded the Beagle for a five-year journey?
18 years old
22 years old
26 years old

‘Q’ is for ‘Quarked!’

quarkStep into science when you visit Quarked: Adventures in the Subatomic Universe, www.quarked.org. Play Video Clips to find out how many peas, yes, those yummy green veggies, would fit in your brain. Or just rock out to the Quarked theme song and hear the science sirens wail away. Meet the Quarksters and get to know the characters inside this site and see how they contribute subatomic knowledge to people like you. If you want to learn more, Ask Mr. Marks allows you to pose any science query you might have. We'll certainly save you a seat at Quantum High.
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A Tomb in the Deep

Egyptian figureWelcome to the Tomb of Perneb, www.metmuseum.org/explore/
. First, locate your guide, Shepsesre, who will help you traverse Egypt to find his father Perneb's tomb and bring offerings to the deceased. Perneb's “mastaba” is in need of attention so that his spirit can live there happily. You must choose your gifts wisely. Before you enter Perneb's tomb, take a look at the map so you know where to go. Pay close attention to the carvings to unearth more about Perneb's life in the Egyptian courts and take time to appreciate the great photos provided for your enjoyment.

Darwin's Travels

Blue-footed BoobieBoard the Beagle with Charles Darwin and embark on a quest to discover Animals, Adaptation and the Galapagos Islands at http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/
. When Darwin traveled to the mysterious Galapagos Islands, he was met by many new and unfamiliar animals that helped him to develop his theories. This location was rich in biodiversity and served Darwin well. You can now follow in Darwin's footsteps as you tour the Galapagos Islands yourself, helping animals as you go. Each challenge will bring you closer to Darwin's discoveries, so have fun and experience something new.
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What are you looking forward to most during your summer vacation?

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Dear Amy: Are there any good sites besides www.4Kids.org where you can ask people questions? — Josh, Arima, Trinidad

Dear Josh: You bet! If you have a tough math question, try asking Dr. Math, http://mathforum.org/dr.math/ask. Is science more your thing? You can ask a mad scientist at www.madsci.org/submit.html, or ask an astrophysicist at http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/ask_astro/
. Wondering about the weather? Ask The Weather Guys, http://blogs.usatoday.com/weather/ask_the_weather_guys, who know everything from El Nino to typhoons! Be sure to look for your answer in the question archives first, because you don't want to ask something that's already been answered. (The last site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: How do I make a Web site with lots of features? — Martha, Trenton, N.J.

Dear Martha: Making an interactive Web site with lots of features will take time and patience. First, you can learn about Web building basics at www.1stsitefree.com. When you're ready to try adding more features to your site, you'll want to learn about Web programming, such as using javascript, PHP or another language. There are lots of great free tutorials at www.w3schools.com. Good luck!


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