Week of April 13, 2008

One Hot Sun

Welcome to The Stanford Solar Center, http://solar-
, where sunny knowledge burns brightly. Since the beginning of time, humans have tried to explain the sun's role in our lives. Is the sun a god, a demon, a spirit or a star? It just depends on whom you ask. Regardless of where you are from or what you believe, most people would agree that the sun plays an important part in life on Earth. Check out different cultures and read up on their sun stories and theories. You might just leave with a sunnier outlook on life.

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Where is Chaco Canyon?

New Mexico


What does “Cour de Ferme” mean?

pretty plant


What is biomechanics?
mechanics of the environment
use of mechanics applied to the body
study of how to save fuel


Women Bringing It On

Perspectives: Women Artists in North America, www.virtualmuseum.ca/
, invites all genders and ages to visit an online museum. Venture into Private Worlds and discover how artists captured the beauty in simple everyday objects. Next, explore images of where we live in Land & Place. Beyond Modernity features famous recent works, such as “The Officiator” and “The Contrary.” Whatever your personal preference, this site will bring out art appreciation in everyone.

Ready, Set … Go!

Celebrate the physical at Olympics: Science of the Sporting Life, http://whyfiles.org/019olympic. Your body is an amazing work of art, but make sure you take good care of yourself and take sports training in stride. Consistency is important when you are trying to stay fit, so be sure you are getting the recommended amount of exercise every day. Use your brain when you flex your muscles and listen to the messages your body is sending. You should also make sure drugs and alcohol are never part of your fitness regime. This site is an amazing reference for anyone who wants to make sport a part of their life.

What is your favorite form of exercise?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What Web site should I go to for some great art projects? Dylan, LaPorte, Ind.

Dear Dylan:
All artists have trouble with inspiration from time to time. Fortunately, you can find all kinds of fun art project ideas online. One of my favorite places to go for ideas is Art Junction's Art Sparkers at www.artjunction.org/artsparkers.php. If you want even more art ideas, visit Everyday Art at www.everydayart.org. You'll find a variety of assignments from painting to poetry.

Dear Amy: How do birds stand on electrical wires without getting hurt? Kaushik, Nashua, N.H.

Dear Kaushik:
It seems impossible that birds can sit on power lines safely, but the answer can be found in physics. In my science class, we learned that electricity travels through the path of least resistance. Luckily for the birds, this path is through the metal in the power lines, not through the bird. We still need to be careful around power lines, and never fly kites near them. For more information, check out Electrical Safety World at www.centralhudson.com/kids/


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