Week of December 30, 2007

Why Winter?

The Why Files invite curious minds to explore A Winter's Tale at http://whyfiles.org/
. Did you know winter's beautiful snowflakes are a complicated form of precipitation that must defy gravity to lay their crystal blanket on the ground? See how clouds affect our weather and learn a little more about global warming and its relation to cloud cover. Soar along the super speedy jet stream and see how sports helped us discover the power behind these winds. Before you head outside to greet the cold one-on-one, check out how to paint a pretty picture and see the beauty behind the ice.

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Which cloud contains ice crystals?



Who created “Louisiana Hearts”?

Jim Dine
Mike Stout
Bob Trust


When was
“The Death of General Wolfe” painted?


@rt For You

Teachers and students come together in a search for artistic inspiration at @rt junction, www.artjunction.
. Just like writers get writer's block, some artists need a little push to create a masterpiece. Art Sparkers is the perfect place to explode out of your art funk. Explore what family means to you by pulling out a photo of the ones you love and let your paintbrush or crayons take over. Next, practice looking and drawing skills in Give Yourself a Hand. Reveal your talent in the Art of Camouflage where a few magazines and a pair of scissors will help you replicate nature's wonders.

Practicing Tolerance

Explore famous images and expand your views of tolerance in our world at Planet Tolerance, www.tolerance.
. Literacy can mean many things in different contexts. In this case, your eyes do the reading and your mind interprets the pictures. Look at the images presented in this site and see if you can identify the meaning behind them. From sports team logos to sculptures in relief, you will learn to analyze the pictures you see and practice your new literacy skills. Asking the right questions can get at the hidden meaning behind many popular images. (This site is no longer available.)

Do you observe a winter holiday? If so, how do you like to celebrate?

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Resolution Solution

Every New Year's Eve, I like to make New Year’s resolutions for myself to follow in the coming year. Sometimes it can be hard to think of good resolutions that I will actually keep! To make sure I will follow through, I try to pick resolutions that are important to me but are not too difficult. For example, I could resolve to exercise regularly instead of resolving to exercise every day. If you're having trouble thinking of good New Year's resolutions, here are a few good resolutions and some information from www.kidshealth.org to help you achieve your new goals. I know you can do it!

Resolve to eat a healthy breakfast every day:

Resolve to be a volunteer:

Resolve to be a fit kid:


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