Week of December 16, 2007

Journey Inside the Music

Mind, body and soul come together at The Symphony, http://library.thinkquest.org
. If you need a crash course in classical music, check out Forms and learn about musical makeup. Next, take a quick visit to Orchestra and learn what instruments take center stage in symphonic celebration. From Beethoven to Tchaikovsky, see what composers are featured here, and then prepare for musical brilliance when you listen to the symphony of your choice. Whether you are in the mood for tragedy with Mozart or passion with Berlioz, this site will be music to your ears.

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What kind of instrument is the bassoon?



Where is the Kamchatka peninsula?

Eastern Siberia


Which president kept his horses' mouths super healthy?


Kamchatka Hot Springs

Join Russian and American scientists as they search for life in the hot springs of Uzon Caldera at www.exploratorium.edu/
. The mystery of living matter in such hot, highly acidic waters has drawn the attention of you and your crew. Join a helicopter tour and take a ride over the active volcano zone on your way to the hot springs. Then pack your scientific gear and prepare to collect slides, measure chemicals and analyze the Uzon Caldera. Dive into the microcosm for a magnified look at bacteria and find traces of life where it seems unlikely.

Presidents Past

Get out your Secret Service pass and delve into the private lives of U.S. presidents by visiting WayBack: Presidents, http://pbskids.org/wayback/
. Did you know our second president hopped a boat to the Netherlands and borrowed money to keep America afloat? Guess which president was allergic to cat dander? Get in touch with your peers and see what other kids are looking for in an American leader in Kids for President. Maybe you’ll decide that you want to run for president yourself. If this is the job for you, Hit the Trail! will help you do your best to campaign for the White House.

What is your favorite winter holiday? Why?


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Extreme Antarctica

Sometimes the winter months can seem unbearably cold. Before going outside, I put on lots of layers to keep the wind's chill at bay. If I start to get frustrated with the icy weather, I just remind myself that it could be colder. I could be in the world's most extreme climate: Antarctica. Did you know that in Antarctica, it can get as cold as minus 128 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 89.degrees Celsius)? Not only is it the coldest place on Earth, it is also the windiest and the driest! To learn more about Antarctica's climate and the animals that inhabit it, check out these sites:

Antarctica-Unequaled Extremes

Cool Antarctica

Wild Kids-Antarctica

(The second site is no longer available.)


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