Week of December 2, 2007

Clean but Mean

Learn about the household chemicals lurking in your bathroom and kitchen cabinets at www.epa.gov/
. Take a household tour to find the hidden dangers throughout your humble abode and then identify the toxic products in all the different rooms. Read the Label First will help you learn about labels and to take note of keywords like “danger,” “caution” and “warning” that signify hazardous chemicals. Accidents will tell you what to do in case of an emergency so that you can keep your friends, family and animals safe.

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What does a pesticide do?

Fills cracks in wood
Fertilize grass
Repels, prevents or destroys pests


Who is the illustrator?

Brett Helquist
Brian Millan
Brad Mauer


When was “Tree” created?


An Unfortunate Site

If you love to hate the Lemony Snicket series, www.lemonysnicket.
promises an unpleasant experience. Auroth will fill you in on Mr. Snicket's life and the conspiracy theories that surround him. Meet the illustrator in Tistar, where you will find startling videos and where mysteries abound. View the Lemony Snicket series in Skoob, then move onto Evido where you can watch Snicket Caught on Tape! Have some fun with activities in Nuf and move on to other cool sites in Sinkl.

Meet a Real M.C.

If you love art, fall into M.C. Escher’s Mindscapes at http://cybermuse.
. Enter Escher’s Gallery and choose a time period of his artistic life that catches your eye. His most recent work features the spectacularly colorful “Circle Limit III,” while his earliest creation, “Tree,” shows nature at its best. Review Escher’s Themes for inside information on his inspirations, from beautiful landscapes to complicated geometric shapes. Many misconceptions about Escher exist. Discover fact from fiction in Escher’s Life.

What is your favorite book series?


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Every year, winter brings lots of sniffling noses to my school. When you spend more time indoors with friends and family due to the cold weather, it becomes easy to pass on a case of the common cold. Did you know that there are over 200 viruses that cause colds? Since there isn't a magic cure or vaccine, the best way to stay healthy is prevention. Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching commonly used items such as doorknobs and your desk at school.

If you already have a cold, take some time to recover before going back to school. Making sure your body has time to rest and heal is important. To help yourself feel better while you're sick, there are a few things you can do. Hot liquids such as herbal tea or soup can help soothe a sore throat. When my nose is all stuffed up, a humidifier helps make it feel better. Finally, I like to spend my time home from school doing something relaxing like reading or watching movies. For more information on the common cold, check out www.kidshealth.org/kid/ill_injure/sick/colds.html.


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