Week of October 07, 2007

Popular Peep

Kids all over love PEEP and the Big Wide World on television. Visit Peep at www.peepandthebigwideworld.com to see fun Internet offerings like games and awesome science activities. Play House Hunt to help Peep and his friends find their correct homes, or give Peep a hand as he strolls through Memory Lane. Have a blast with Anywhere Science Activities where you can hunt for sounds, watch baby animals grow, play dress up and more! Get a good look at Peep in Music and Videos where you can see what Peep is up to this week, or sing and dance along to his favorite song.

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Who narrates PEEP and the Big Wide World?

Kelly Ripa
Joan Cusak
Rosie O'Donnell


Who discovered the song of the humpback whale?

Roger Payne
Ralph Rogers
Roger Pell


Who created Cocina Jaiteca?
Peter Yanez
Juan Yanez
Larry Yanez


I Hear Music

Experience the sounds of songs of life with Wild Music at www.wildmusic.org. Push play for an earful of terrific tunes sure to fulfill your musical desires. Click on Animals and find out how your favorite creatures communicate through sound. Learn more with About Sound before heading on over to Soundscapes where you can create your own musical masterpiece. Before you leave, browse through the research of famous scientists to learn about the song of the humpback whale or how sound plays a role in the lives of animals.

A New Voice

Get a new perspective at Del Corazon: Latino Voices in American Art, http://americanart.si.edu/
. Listen to different Latino artists discuss their work and express cultural experiences in Artistas. Take a trip into the Galleria to view works such as “Our Lady of Guadalupe,” “Death Cart” and “Mis Hermanos.” Let your imagination wander through Inspiracion as you read about the artists, their communities, and the processes and techniques they use to create their art. The brilliant minds of Profesores come together to share new ideas and interesting lessons on Chicano mythology and Latino leaders.

What are your favorite burger toppings?


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Leaves of Creativity

The month of October is the perfect time to go on a leaf hike. I love walking through my town on a cool autumn day, picking up different kinds of leaves. My favorite leaves are the bright orange, yellow and red leaves that fall from the maple trees in my neighborhood. Going on a leaf hunt is a great way to learn about identifying trees. I like to use an online tree guide, at www.arborday.org/trees/whattree, to help me classify all the leaves I collect on my walk.

After I have identified all the leaves, I like to use them for fun projects! If you have a few small, colorful leaves, try making a pressed- leaf bookmark. Lay your leaves between two sheets of paper towels. Next, stack a few books or other heavy objects on top of the leaves to press them flat overnight. When your leaves are ready, you can glue them to a strip of colored paper and make a bookmark. To keep your bookmark looking nice, try covering it with contact paper, which can be purchased at a local craft store. You can also try making a leaf scrapbook with all the leaves you find. On each page of your scrapbook, paste a leaf and write which type of tree it’s from. Happy leaf hunting!


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