Week of August 7, 2005

Nature of Music

Music isn't only what you hear on the radio. Learn about The Music of Sound at http://whyfiles.org/
,which introduces you to the melodies found throughout the world. In Nature’s Orchestra, learn all about natural sounds, such as those made by frogs, alligators, crocodiles, ring-tailed lemurs, emperor penguins and walruses. Even Mozart heard the music of nature. Follow Mozart's Muse to discover his surprising musical inspiration. Ancient Music tells the story of nature in music dating back 50,000 years. At this site, be your own conductor, and find the symphony in your world.

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What is Bernie Krause's profession?

Natural Sound Recorder


What were private armed ships hired by governments during war called?



n what game did the character “Mario” first appear?
Mario Bros.
Donkey Kong


A Pirate's Life for Me

Ahoy, mateys! Set sail on a high seas adventure with Pirates at www.national geographic.com/pirates. Embark on ye adventure when selecting an interactive story. Read ye tale and Select the Pirate, Ship and Booty. Answer questions regarding ye adventure and become a savvy sea dog. Head for new waters when sailing to Pirate Ports. For swashbuckling fun, check out the story of the most dreaded pirate ever, Blackbeard: Pirate Terror at Sea. Don’t forget to visit Books for Buccaneers. Aargh, now walk the plank.

Old School, Still Cool

Take a unique trip down video game memory lane with The Video Game Revolution at www.pbs.org/kcts/ videogamerevolution. Grab a stack of quarters and head to The Arcade to listen to classic video game sound clips and try to Name That Game. The History of Gaming includes an interactive timeline of important dates in gaming, such as the year the first Nintendo Entertainment System was released. Go Inside the Games to discover how developers create our favorite animated characters and to reminisce with Classic Game Cheats.

At what age should kids receive their own cell phone and why?


Speak Out Here!

Star Light, Star Bright

Oneof my favorite things to do during the warm summer nights is to watch the firefliescome out at dusk and, as it gets darker, stare up at the stars in the sky. Iimmediately look for the Big Dipper, Litter Dipper and Orion, as those are theonly constellations I know and among the easiest to spot. Sometimes, I like togo out to the country to get away from the city lights so I can see more of theconstellations.

One of the most beautiful starry skies I have ever seen was inthe mountains in Colorado. I was on a camping trip with friends at Rocky MountainNational Park. Every night, we would lie on our backs and stick our heads outof the tent to look up at the sparkling vast sky.

Since there are still some long summer nights left before schools starts,I plan on heading to the country for some stargazing. Before I go, I am goingto try to find out more about constellations and the ones most visible in theAugust night sky at www.dustbunny.com/afk. Maybe if Iím lucky, I will see ashooting star. (This site is no longer available.)


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