Week of November 7, 2004

Reading With Lions

With Lionel and Leona, characters from PBS’s “Between the Lions,” reading has never been so much fun. Lionel and Leona are wild about reading, and you can be too at
http:// pbskids.org/lions. Get caught up in reading stories such as “There’s a Fly in My Soup” and “You Can’t Catch Me.” Then head over to Lionel and Leona’s Stuff where they have posted their favorite stories, pictures and games. If you are up to the challenge, show off your jousting skills as medieval knights blend words in Gawain’s Word in the Games section.

Nominate a cool Web site at http://www.4Kids.org/nominations/

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The story Hay Day is the same story as what popular fairy tale?

Hanseland Gretel
Little Red Riding Hood


What are durable goods?

Luxury items, like yachts or cars
Sturdy items, like furniture or appliances that can be used for many years


What is a
neutron star?
Adense star composed of mainly neutrons
A dying star
A red star


Mission to Earth

Fasten your seat belt and prepare for take-off in 5-4-3-2-1! Join Commander Trubble and the Environauts on their mission to Earth at www.epa.gov/epawaste/education/kids/
. Begin your Mission and navigate through the site to find ways earthlings can reduce the amount of waste they produce. Brush up on environmental and waste-related words at the Glossary. Take a break from saving the world and read the Adventures of the Garbage Gremlin. Then try your hand at the Waste No Words crossword.

Out of This World

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. Stars: A Mystery of Space at http://library.thinkquest. org/25763 is an interactive astronomy site with tons of fun star-related subjects. With two sections, one for ages 12 and under and the other for anyone over the age of 13, you can choose the material most appropriate for you. For out-of-this-world words and terms, visit the Galactic Glossary. Don’t forget to catch the Life of a Star, Supernova and Sun movies. View the night sky and learn about stars in the Planetarium. (This site is currently having technical difficulties.)

What do you think about ratings for video games?

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Ice Age Daydreams

Withthe weather turning colder, I spend my time at the window looking out into thegray days. The leaves on the trees have fallen and clouds blanket the sky. I’mready for it to snow, for winter to arrive in an icy blast.

Sitting at the windowsill, I imagined a furious snow storm covering the trees,the brown grass, the piles of leaves. As my cat roamed through the yard, I thoughtof him encased in snow, sitting there, waiting for the thaw of spring. I dreamedup a new ice age.
Besides my cat, I got to thinking about what other animals were buried in theice age. I bet there were wooly mammoths and many others. I decided to look upwooly mammoths on the Internet. In searching, I became fascinated with the Website Virtually the Ice Age: www.creswell-crags.org.uk/Explore/virtually-the-ice-age.aspx.I didn’t know there was so much to learn about ancient history relatedto the last ice age. I even found out that scientists had unearthed wooly mammothfossils. Since I could have a virtual ice age and be warm and toasty at the sametime, I decided against wishing for a new one. After all, I wanted to be ableto pet my cat again.


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