Week of December 22, 2002

Great Thinking

Learn about Confucius: His Life and Teachings at http://library.thinkquest.org/19053. Begin by reading about the significant contributions that Confucius made to ancient philosophy during his Life. You'll find portions of his Wisdom as well as facts about the lives of his Students. Learn about the importance of the four Books: Analects, The Doctrine of the Mean, Mencius and The Higher Education. Then Compare Confucianism with Taoism and other Asian philosophies and become a great philosophical thinker yourself.

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What were Confucian temples used for?

centers for culture and learning
potluck dinners
weddings and social events


What are the first people to live in Australia called?

the Brits
new aussies


What does Chacmultun mean in Maya?
green hilltops
mounds made of red stone
yellow prairie lands




G'Day Mate

Strap on your boots and take a journey around Australia with Trishan's OZ site at www.ozramp.net.au/~senani/mainpage.htm. You can learn what life is like in The Outback when you visit Trishan's school and meet his friends and family. Explore the Botanical Gardens of Melbourne, Westgate Bridge and Luna Park. Or get more than your feet wet by snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef. Along the way, you may pick up the lingo of the land down under, so try it on your friends. (This site is no longer available.)

Not Yet Ruined

Travel to MayaRuins.com at www.mayaruins.com and get to know a civilization of the past. Visit several Archaeological Sites in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize with Barbara McKenzie and Marion Canavan. They will take you to places with fascinating relics of the past, such as the five-story building of Edzna and the Lost World complex of Tikal. You'll also find Background information about the site and why these two women established it. The photos will leave you with a sense of awe, as if you had actually visited these magnificent ruins.

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Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Why does the Tower of Pisa lean? -- Nicole, Brisbane, Australia

Dear Nicole: La Torre di Pisa, as the Italians call it, was thought to have been built with an incline on purpose. However, as the tower's official Web site at http://torre.duomo.pisa.it/index_eng.html states, the tower was designed in 1173 to be vertical, but it began to lean during the early stages of construction. Many attempts have been made to slow the tower's leaning. Today, engineers are working to ensure that the tower remains standing for years to come. Pay a virtual visit to this architectural and engineering marvel. (This site is no longer available.

Dear Amy: My mom wants me to learn a foreign language. Should I? -- Jay, New Brunfels, Texas

Dear Jay: Learning a foreign language is exciting and rewarding. I've been learning Spanish since the seventh grade, and I love speaking it. I've had many opportunities to put this ability to use at work, in class and while on vacation. And I can call my brother "un mono," a monkey, and he doesn't know what I'm saying. Also, people who are bilingual are in high demand in the job market, so learning a second language is worth the effort. Check out http://conjuguemos.com for help with French, Latin and Spanish. Adios.

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