Week of December 15, 2002

Psyched Up

Get psyched for KidsPsych's adventures at www.kidspsych.org. Join Oochy at the Circus where you can paint a performing seal, and help Eudora make it to Patrick's house. Then team up with Oochina to fix the engines on her space station and to solve her doughnut dilemma. Act quickly and carefully to solve the tricky adventures, but don't get psyched out. Each adventure is related to studies in psychology. You can read about the studies and learn about the psychological basis of each adventure.

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What kind of animal is Eudora's friend Patrick?

a giraffe
a snake
a koala bear


What is a lateral pass?

a pass through the end zone
a pass to the sidelines
a pass backwards from the direction of play


What is the best way to travel in Lima, Peru?
mule train




First Down

Get into your three-point stance and Play Football at www.nflrush.com. Kickoff your pre-game preparation with a video clip of the NFL Play of the Week. You can Sound Off the plays in your play book on a message board and learn what it takes to Be a Player. Sound Smart to your friends with the quarterback sneak of the latest NFL news. If you want to get in the game at home, give Fan Frenzy and Trainer Terror a go. You're sure to score a touchdown at this site.

Travel for Kids

Gather the masses and start planning your next vacation with Travel for Kids at www.travelforkids.com, where you'll find Fun Things to do in countries across the globe. You can preview tourist spots such as Pembroke Castle in Wales and Suomenlinna, a fortress in Finland. A few Travel Essentials to keep in mind are packing for the climate, doing laundry and preparing for allergies abroad. Be sure to check out What's New around the globe and pack clean underwear.

Propose a way that your school could help your community.


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Take a Break

Psychology research has shown that students who study for many short increments of time recall information better than students who study for few long periods of time. For that reason, I want to stress the importance of taking breaks periodically while doing homework. Here are some sites that will take your mind off homework for a few minutes.

Being Stephen King

Fake Out!

Name That Candy Bar

The Oracle of Bacon


(The first two sites are no longer available.)

Ask Amy a Question

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