Week of November 24, 2002

Health Kick

Eating the right foods can help you make your Body Fit and develop Great Teeth. Find out about Cool Food at www.coolfoodplanet.org/gb/kidz. You'll learn why eating breakfast each morning keeps your Brain Fit, and you can discover which snacks are the best when you're Eating Out of the house. Find the answer to the question "What's a Food Label?" and learn about what is really in fast food. You may want to gaze through the 10 Tips for Kidz while you have the time. After gobbling up the facts, take the Cool Food Nutrition Quiz.

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Why is protein essential to your body?

It helps you focus on homework.
It's essential for growth.
Makes your teeth white.


What did the Europeans trade with the Ioway Indians?

shoes, hats, clothes
guns, horses, saddles
furs, glass beads, cloth, knives


Which is the smallest continent?




Ground Work

Unearth the farmer in you with Camp Silos at www.campsilos.org. The introduction to Pioneer Farming has information about the first farmers in Iowa. Wander through a cornfield and get an earful of facts. Then test your knowledge with the Corny Quiz. While you're Exploring the Prairie, you'll discover how Iowa looked more than 150 years ago. If you love animals, take a peak at a QuickTime video of the birth of two piglets. When you return, kick back, relax and read the Story of Corn.

All Aboard

Meet the Global Education Challenge at www.education.
. Join the Pre-Race Activities and learn to tie knots, speak in sailing lingo and navigate using the North Star. After gaining these abilities, explore the boat. You'll meet Graham Dalton, who will tell you about his challenge to sail around the world. When you do your part and complete each activity, you will receive a treasure. Make sure to read the Joke of the Day before returning to dry land.
(This site is no longer available.)

Should all information on the Internet be free?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How does file compression work? -- Jane, San Diego

Dear Jane: A compression program decreases file size by omitting redundant information in a file. It only saves each individual piece of information once, and it keeps track of where a piece of information is repeated. Graphics, MP3s and other files that don't have much redundant information are not easily compressed by this method. WinZip and StuffIt Expander are two programs used for file compression. Find out more about file compression at www.howstuffworks.com/file-compression.htm.

Dear Amy: I want to buy a new computer. What should I get? -- Miguel, Park City, Utah

Dear Miguel: You should consider how you plan to use your computer when choosing the features that you want. If you do a lot of gaming, you'll want excellent video and sound cards. If you plan to use it for school, you may want to consider the mobility of a laptop. Hardware such as CD and DVD drives and writers are options as well. Some companies include them with their computers. Whatever you choose to buy, make sure to do a little research beforehand at a reputable Web site such as www.cnet.com.

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