Week of November 17, 2002

Hot Diggity Dog

Meet Sapir, one of the world's most published dog-trainers, and get the dig on dogs with Digital Dog at www.digitaldog.com. Sapir shares helpful information about feeding and caring for canines. You can learn about Breeds and how the domestication of the wolf gave us modern dogs. Or enjoy stories about dogs and their owners. Remember, selecting and buying a dog is a serious business. Let Digital Dog help you to point your nose in the right direction. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

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Where did the breed "Labrador retriever" originate?



How many strings does a harp have?



What plant can outgrow every other plant in the world?
Prairie Grass




San Francisco Symphony

You'll have fun with music with SFS Kids at www.sfskids.org. Tune into the Radio and enjoy the beautiful orchestra. You can listen to works by composers such as Bach, Mahler, Rouse and Tchaikovsky. After hearing the orchestra as a whole, discover how each instrument plays a part in giving the orchestra its complete sound. The Music Lab is the place to learn how to find pitch, rhythm and tempo, and the Performalator helps you perform six familiar songs. You'll have a jammin' good time at this site.

Bridges of China

The significance of PBS's "China Bridge" is shown at www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/lostempires/china. Check out the Rainbow Bridge that Nova built, and discover the difference between arch, beam, cable-stayed and suspension bridges. You can Bridge the Gap over four waterways by choosing the best bridge-type for each. Learn about bamboo, Nature's Miracle Material, which the Chinese have used to build eccentric bridges for more than 1,000 years. Also, find out how the ability to travel over water helped the Chinese progress.

Is there a point at which you should not forgive a person?


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Paper Writing

Oh no! You have to write a paper about a book, and you have to spell everything correctly and use commas and quotation marks. What are you going to do? First, you're going to relax. Then, you're going to check out the sites that I have collected for you. Finally, you're going to write a fabulous paper, followed by many more fabulous papers in the future. Now, doesn't that make you feel better? Good luck.

Research Paper Help.net

Online Writing Lab


Commonly Confused Words


(The first and fourth sites are no longer available.)

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