Week of November 3, 2002

Covert Action

Join the Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation, better known as the FFFBI, at www.fffbi.com. Due to budget cuts, this crime-fighting team of animals needs your help with Operation G.A.S. Chicken. To prepare for your mission, play the Training Games. The Coffee Guy Quiz will grill you with 100 questions, so get psyched up for it. At FFFBI International, you will work undercover to answer questions about countries such as Brazil, Iceland and Kenya. You'll want to meet your co-agents before you begin your mission. Good luck and be careful!

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What species is Duty Officer Solomon?

Hammerhead shark


When did PBS start "In the Mix"?



What sign of technology shows that the modern world is spreading to all corners of Indonesia?
Cell phones
Satellite dishes




Mixing It Up

Be In the Mix at www.pbs.org/inthemix. Based on the PBS series "In the Mix," this site has an extensive archive of information and clips from previous Shows. Episodes include "The New Normal," a miniseries on life after 9-11, and "Politics: Action! Not Apathy," an episode about kids' roles in government. You can read about issues facing young adults today, including drugs and violence. And find out what Celebs say about their work, their lives and stuff that's important to all of us.

What Do You Say?

Your opinion about Cultural Debates counts at www.teachtsp2.com/cdonline. Appearance, Ecotourism, Education, Land, Medicine and Technology are the issues at hand. Each debate has a Quicktime movie that presents information about an issue affecting people around the world. Watch the movies, consider the information and cast your vote about each issue. You can post your opinion about the issues and read others' opinions as well. Keep your cool and make your voice heard. (This site is no longer available.)

Should amusement park rides have minimum height restrictions?


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Appreciating America

I hear criticism about America from strangers, fellow students and members of my family. They say that taxes are unbearable, the judicial system doesn't work and governmental leaders shouldn't be in office.

Such comments bring to my attention the number of people who take for granted all of the luxuries that Americans enjoy. Food on their tables, clothes in their closets, employment, and people who love them are just a few of the blessings that they enjoy. Millions of people cannot say the same.

Instead of cutting down America, people ought to rejoice in their ability to be part of a nation that provides great hope for everyone and allows everyone to fulfill the goals and dreams that they have.

No society, form of government or group of people is flawless. But America continues to make dreams come true based on the ideals of her founding fathers. Take a look at the U.S. Constitution at http://topics.law.cornell.edu/constitution and think about the painstaking effort that was made to establish this nation.

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