Week of October 6, 2002

Hearing Voices

Visit mountains around the world to hear the Mountain Voices of the natives at www.mountainvoices.org. You can learn about agriculture in Peru, economics in Nepal, employment in Lesotho and much more. For a little excitement, travel to Poland and go to a festival. Then explore a dormant volcano in Kenya. For a more relaxing experience, sit back and read about the history of Ethiopia. You'll find a mountain of knowledge at this site.

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Lesotho is the only country in the world with what?

No organized religion
More than 300 dialects
All of its territory above 1,000 meters


What kind of drug is caffeine?



Where is the legendary female bull-rider Tad Lucas from?
Dodge City, Kan.
Memphis, Tenn.
Cody, Neb.




Drugs Are Bad, M'Kay?

Find out about drug abuse at Mind Over Matter at http://teens.drugabuse.gov/mom. Join your guide, Sara Bellum, as you explore the negative effects on your brain of such drug classes as opiates, inhalants, hallucinogens, stimulants, methamphetamine and more. You'll find explanations of the health risks of drugs as well as information about how drugs damage your brain and body. The Teacher's Guide is a great starting place for tackling this topic in class.

Giddy Up

Ride to the rodeo with an American Cowgirl at www.kodak.com/US/en/corp/features/cowgirl. You'll meet heroines of rodeo such as Tad Lucas, Florence Ledoux, Annie Oakley and others. Giddy up close to the action on the back of a bucking bull by watching Movies of these champion riders. You can learn how to capture the adventure of this fast-paced sport in Photo Tips. Before you're bucked off, learn about the History and formation of an all-girl rodeo, and view pictures of the riders.

What are some characteristics of a good friend?


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Not Always As It Seems

My co-workers and I came across a math problem at www.simeonmagic.com/triangle/triangle1.htm. The two triangles in the problem are composed of the same four shapes. Due to the arrangement of the shapes, one triangle has a hole equal to one square unit. We concluded that the figures were not triangles though they appeared to be. This flaw made their areas unequal.

Our perceptions have more to do with the assumptions we make about the world than with reality. A first impression is based more on one's own assumptions than on the actual traits of the other person. Some assumptions are harmless while others have negative effects. If my friend forgets my birthday, I may get angry and think she doesn't care about me. That's an assumption that I'm making. Actually, she may have forgotten because she was worried about her mother, who is sick.

Sometimes a triangle is a triangle, and sometimes we only think it's a triangle. If we don't know about others' circumstances, we shouldn't assume that we know why they behave as they do. Instead, we should try to learn about and appreciate their situations.

— Amy

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