Week of March 17, 2002

Just Coastin'

Strap in for the Physics of Amusement Parks at http://s-kurukuru.jst. go.jp/room/05/rikigaku/
. This site scientifically examines the heart-pounding excitement of roller coasters and other thrill rides. Research Falling to discover which seat on a roller coaster is the scariest. You can find out why zero gravity gives the sensation of Floating on a roller coaster. Thrills and Safety are an important duo in amusement park design. Finish your day at the park with a Physics Quiz. (This site is no longer available.)

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What are three things that work using potential energy?

dogs, birds, insects
rivers, moving cars, roller coasters
dams, snowboards, bobsleighs


What is the largest and fastest flying dragonfly in the world?



What is the name for a molecule made of three oxygen atoms?
carbon dioxide




What's Up With the Wetlands?

Why are Hawaii's Wetlands Vanishing? Find out at http://library.thinkquest.org
. A wetland is an ecosystem that is home to plants and animals. This site uses words, pictures and animation to answer the question, "Why are Wetlands Important?" Compare the flourishing wetlands of yesteryear with the current smaller and industrialized wetlands. You can learn why animals in the Watershed are in peril of losing their homes. Explore the wetlands while we still have them.


Geography4Kids provides a path to exploration, discovery and enlightenment, and it all begins at www.geography4kids.com. Learn about nearly every geographical aspect of our Earth, from the Hydro-sphere to Our Biosphere. You can find out about Earth's Climates, what affects them and how they change from year to year. Get an Energy surge and discover how solar radiation makes the world go around. The shaky side of Earth's Terrasphere includes earthquakes and volcanoes. Get down to Earth today.

How do you avoid misunderstandings with others?


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Become a Performing Artist

The performing arts don't seem to receive the amount of attention or emphasis in school that they deserve. Theater and music both enhance education, and they certainly add variety and excitement to life. If you have been questioning whether or not to get involved with a performing arts activity in your school, go for it! And if you're afraid to jump right in, here are a few sites that can help you get your feet wet.

Music Notes

Morton Subotnick's Creating Music

Five Minute Voice Lesson
www.erniehalter.com/lesson.htm (This site is no longer available.)

The Art and Science of Theater

TheatrGROUP Method Acting Procedures

Ask Amy a Question

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