Week of March 10, 2002

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Explore http://
and watch the Page by Page creation of a book. This site will take you through every step of the book-making process, from the birth of The Idea to buying it at the store. Find out how author Tim Wynne-Jones deals with writer's block and why he never writes at night. Future publishers should look into a career as a book designer, the person who assembles the book. Page by Page also features a professional illustrator. Enjoy learning the story behind the story.

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How long does it take Eric to illustrate a book?

one week
one month
one year


What is another name for the timpani?

bowl drums
pedal drums


When was the Minneapolis Institute of Arts established?




An Amazing Orchestra

Take note of the New York Philharmonic Kidzone at www.nyphilkids.org. Music lovers of any age will enjoy this amazing orchestra. The Philharmonic News will inform you about musical current events. The Instrument Storage Room is full of facts about the sections of the orchestra, including audio clips of each instrument. In the Composers' Gallery, you can discover the brilliant minds behind the music. Remember to visit the players in the Musician's Lounge and tune in today.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts houses unique and beautiful paintings, sculptures and photographs, which are available online at www.artsmia.org. Be Surrounded by Beauty by exploring the Native American history and culture online exhibition. Interactive Media provides a coloring book and sends you on a treasure hunt. Visit General Interest for a taste of everything. You can share artwork with your friends via an E-Postcard featuring a work from the institute's collection. Visit this cultural hub of the U.S. Midwest.

If you were on a deserted island, what are the four things you'd bring?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Is it possible to touch a cloud? -- Katie, West Salem, Ohio

Dear Katie: Every time you walk through fog, you are walking through a cloud. According to www-airs.jpl.nasa.gov/html/edu/
, clouds are made of condensed water vapor. When a cloud is hovering above the ground, we call it fog. Fog forms when the ground cools faster than the air. This usually happens at night. Because the ground is cooler than the air, the moisture in the air begins to condense and form a cloud directly above the ground. Thus, if you go outside on a foggy morning, you can touch a cloud. (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: What can you tell me about laser eye surgery? -- Vicki, Norman, Okla.

Dear Vicki: Laser eye surgery is a procedure that is helpful for correcting nearsightedness. During the procedure, a piece of the cornea is cut from the eye, creating a little flap. Then a laser removes more of the corneal tissue, making a flattened area. The flap of tissue is then replaced, and it flattens across the altered cornea. With less corneal tissue, the patient's nearsightedness is corrected. For more info about the procedure, go to www.lasersite.com/lasik.

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