Week of February 24, 2002

The 1900 House

Join the Bowler family at www.pbs.org/wnet/1900house house as they experience Victorian living in The 1900 House. The Bowlers spent three months in this typical London townhouse without any modern conveniences, such as central heating, indoor plumbing and electricity. The parents and four children offer first-hand testimony in QuickTime audio and video snippets. You can tour all the rooms of the house while you visit. Take a trip back in history.

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What type of plant could flourish amid the gaslight fumes of 1900s homes?



What does the acronym in Operation EDITH stand for?

Energy Deficiency In The Home
Exit Drills In The Home
Every Day I Try Harder


Why should an illustrator keep a sketch book?
It keeps a record of progress and daily ideas.
It makes illustators feel important.
Sketch books can become good luck charms.




Who Let the Dogs Out?

Take a ride with Hershey, the arson dog, at the Kids' Room Fire Safety Site at www.dos.state.ny.us/kidsroom/ firesafe/firesafe.html. Hershey is an 11-year-old chocolate Labrador who works with the Office of Fire Prevention and Control in New York. His job is to sniff out the causes of fires, especially those set on purpose. The site is filled with info about fire safety, including escape rules, puzzles and games. So the next time you see a fire engine racing down your street, ask yourself, "Who let the dogs out?"

Illustrating With Big Mike

Sharpen your pencil and head to Big Mike's Wacky World of Illustration at www.geocities.com/
. Big Mike will lead you on a path of discovery to find out just what graphic design and illustration are. He explores the planning process, from research to thinking visually to keeping a sketchbook. He also examines drawing with traditional media, such as pencil, oil paints or watercolors, and using a computer. Big Mike says the most important part of becoming an illustrator is practice. Now grab a pad and get drawing today!
(This site is no longer available.)

Should motorists be allowed to talk on cell phones while driving?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What should I consider before buying a cell phone? -- Denise, Atlanta

Dear Denise: With such a wide variety of cell phones, options and plans, choosing the ones that suit you best can be a pain. You'll want to consider when and for what you plan to use the phone, what others have to say about various models and what kind of special options you want on your phone and service plan. About.com provides a helpful site at http://cellphones.about.com/od/cellphonereviews/tp/bestbudgetcellphones.htm with five steps toward choosing the right phone and plan. It can help you answer the important questions that will lead you to your final decision.

Dear Amy: What is a cyber cafe? -- Dallas, Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear Dallas: A cyber cafe is a place you can go for a double espresso with a side of technology. Cyber cafes, such as the one found at www.cyber-cafe.com, provide computers with Internet access and various programs and resources for their clients at a certain hourly fee. Cyber cafes are great for getting in a little extra time online, and they allow you to dip your biscotti in a variety of software that may be new to you.

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