Week of January 27, 2002

A Tribute to Totems

The Totem Pole Project at www.lafete.org/new/totem presents the beauties and complexities of native North American cultures. Start your journey by reading "A Carver," the story of a young man who carved a totem pole and, in the process, brought two cultures together. Next, learn about the Kwakiutl Culture. Finally, celebrate Native American heritage with the great lesson plans for writing plays, performing dances and making Web sites. (This site is no longer available.)

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Who called John Walkus Green on his 16th birthday?

John's grandfather
Jean-Guy Rousseau
Henry Seaweed


Why does the government enforce building codes?

To create a similar standard of living
To impose taxes on residential areas
To make sure each home is safe and energy efficient


On which British island is Fingal's Cave found?




The Democracy Project

You are needed in the Oval Office at the PBS Kid's Democracy Project at http://pbskids.org/
. This site explains how the government affects your life. When it is time to Cast Your Vote, you'll want to know where you stand on the issues in order to make an informed decision. Step into the Voting Time Machine and travel back to important dates in democracy. You can also take on the role of the President for a Day. You are an essential part of your government, so get involved.

The Virtual Cave

Grab your spelunking helmet and crawl into the wonders of the underground. Spelunking is all about exploring caves, and The Virtual Cave Web site at www.goodearthgraphics. com/virtcave has tons of dirt on caves. Check out the 40 rooms of solution caves with their amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations, and another 36 rooms of lava tube caves. The sea cave and erosional cave photos show the awesome power of nature in carving solid rock. Cave in and explore today.

Should the USA rebuild the World Trade Towers?


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World Cultures

For this, our 300th issue, I wanted to feature sites about different cultures around the world. All of us at www.4Kids.org believe it's important to learn about various cultures so that we can appreciate each other's differences. Maybe that small effort can help lead to a more peaceful world.

(The last site is no longer available.)

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