Week of January 20, 2002

Sweet Dreams

Put on your pajamas and get to Sleep from A to Zzz at http://library.thinkquest.org/
. Get down to the basics and discover why your body needs sleep and what goes on in your body while you sleep. This site offers tips for getting a good night's rest and dealing with insomnia. Knowing what your brain does when you dream may be a mystery, but learning about the physiology of dreaming will enlighten you. Enjoy this site and sleep tight.

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How many hours of sleep do infants need each day?

8 hrs/day
10-12 hrs/day
16-18 hrs/day


What do white and black flags on the beach mean?

Area reserved for surfing
Polluted water
Patrolled area


What was the street address of this house in Massachusetts?
12 Birch Street
14 Pine Avenue
16 Elm Street





The LifeBytes Web site at www.lifebytes.gov.uk provides helpful and interesting facts about changes during adolescence. You can learn to make healthy choices about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. This site also touches on important practices such as eating healthily and exercising enough. When you feel stressed, take a Mental Health break and learn how to deal with your emotions. Prepare for your upcoming changes with LifeBytes. (This site is no longer available.)

This Old House

Explore the lives of five families and the 200-year history of a single house. Smithsonian's National Museum of American History presents Within These Walls ... at http://americanhistory.
. This house was built before the American Revolution and was dismantled in 1963. Now it is an exhibit in the museum. Learn about five families who lived in this house: the Choates, Dodges, Caldwells, Lynches and Scotts. Play the Go Back in Time game to see how historians piece together clues. You'll be amazed what's within these walls.

What is your greatest fear, and how do you cope with it?


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Scientific Studies

The sciences are some of the most fascinating fields of study today. We read about scientific breakthroughs almost daily in the newspaper. Because you may not understand all of the concepts behind science today, doing well in your science classes is important. Here is a list of sites that can help you master science.




Eighth Grade Sci-ber Text
www.usoe.k12.ut.us/curr/science/sciber00/ 8th/8thintro.htm

(The first three sites are no longer available.)

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