Week of January 13, 2002

The Extreme Deep

Prepare to dive! You are about to embark on a Voyage to the Deep at www.ceoe.udel.edu/
. This site details the first deep sea expedition of the new millennium. Learn about Seafloor Geology and the vast ocean floor, which holds Earth's longest mountain range. Bizarre animals that dwell in the depths of the ocean are highlighted in Creature Features. Get your hands on High-Tech Tools such as Alvin, a deep sea sub used to scale the ocean floor. Submerge yourself in this deep site.

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How hot is the hottest creature on Earth?

180 degrees
167 degrees
176 degrees


What sport does Andrew Eccles play?

sand volleyball


What does Pilchard the cat break?




Play Smart at Smartplay

Staying physically active is a great way to maintain good health. Visit the Smartplay Web site at www.smartplay.net for information about sports recreation, injuries and injury prevention. Meet rower Allison Davies and learn what advice she has for young athletes. The site has useful info about human anatomy and how to avoid sports-related injuries. Then find out why you should drink plenty of fluids before, during and after physical activity. This site will show you that Smartplay is the only way. (This site is no longer available.)

Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder is mighty busy in his small town, and he needs your help at www.bobthebuilder.com. As you visit each part of town, an exciting interactive task is waiting for you. Your spelling skills will be put to the test at the schoolhouse where you use letter blocks to spell the given picture. Mr. Bentley needs help building and painting a new house. You'll have to drive a bulldozer through town to deliver the townspeople's packages on time. Wind down with Mrs. Potts and enjoy a relaxing jigsaw puzzle.

Are beer commercial messages positive or negative? Why do you think so?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What are some kid-safe search engines that I can use in the classroom? -- Sharon, Rossville, Ind.

Dear Sharon: Yahooligans and Ask Jeeves Kids are two familiar and excellent search engines for kids. They both provide a variety of sites, and they do their best to link you to only kid-friendly sites. Another great search engine for kids is KidsClick! at www.kidsclick.org. It was created by a group of librarians, so the sites are categorized according to the Dewey Decimal System. Don't worry about call numbers. They aren't required at this site.

Dear Amy: Where can I get help with my science project? -- Tori, Manchester, N.H.

Dear Tori: The first step to take is selecting an idea for your project. A great place to go for a little inspiration is www.isd77.k12.mn.us/ resources/cf/ideas.html. Check out the list of beginning ideas and give one your own special twist. Once you have an idea, use the model at http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/fair.html to help you set up your experiment and organize your procedure. If you think you will need assistance with your experiment, have a friend, a sibling or a parent lend a helping hand. Good luck. (The first site is no longer available.)

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