Week of January 6, 2002

A Desert That is Not a Wasteland

The wildlife, people and sandy dunes of the Sahara are taking a break from the heat at www.pbs.org/sahara. The inhabitants of this sandy region are featured in the People section, where you can learn about their religion and way of life. Don't be fooled when you see a body of water in the middle of the desert. Those are mirages, and you'll find tons of info about them in the Geography section. There you can also find a timeline of the many wars that have been fought in the Sahara desert. Contrary to what you might think, the Sahara is teeming with animals. You can learn all about Saharan wildlife and view slideshows and video clips of the animals in the Wildlife section. With all of the facts about the booming tourism industry in northern Africa, you'll definitely want to venture to this site. Just remember to fill your canteen. (This site is no longer available.)

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What percentage of Saharan inhabitants are Muslims?



What is a disk used to do in farming?

Mix and firm the top 6 to 8 inches of soil.
Keep livestock in an enclosed space.
Keep track of fish population.


What are three great bone-building activities?
watching television, driving a car, drinking soda
soccer, dancing, tennis
listening to music, reading, talking on the phone




Virtual Farming

Get into virtual farming at 4-H Virtual Farm at http://sites.ext.vt.edu/virtualfarm. This site harbors all types of livestock and crop info, including a section on Aquaculture. Find out what makes your steaks and hamburgers taste good in the Beef section. You can learn about the importance of dairy and wheat for developing strong bones and healthy bodies. Win a Blue Ribbon from each section challenge. Enjoy this four-star 4-H site.

I Have a Bone to Pick With You

The National Bone Health Campaign knows Powerful Girls Have Powerful Bones, and you can learn why at www.cdc.gov/powerfulbones. Bone up on strong bone facts about how to get your daily dose of calcium. Then join Carla in the Crazy Calcium Caper. You'll need strong bones for the physical activities in the Staying Strong section. You can give your mind a workout with quizzes and put your memory to the test with a matching game. Become a bone-ified health expert today. (This site is no longer available.)

What is the best thing that you do for yourself to stay healthy?

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Do More Than Just Tolerate

The struggle for human rights is timeless. The French Revolution in 1789 was just one point in time when people fought for human rights. The American Civil War in the 1860s was more than a war between the North and the South. People in the South believed that they had the right to own another person and that the government was trying to deny them that right. People in the North, however, believed that the slaves had the right to be free and that all people have "certain unalienable Rights."

People continue to face strife regarding human rights. The rights of women, children and ethnic minorities in any country are still issues today. A wonderful site where you can learn about human rights is www.tolerance.org. To preserve our human rights, we must rise to the responsibility of respecting others.

Sometimes the word "tolerance" doesn't mean exactly what it sounds like. We need to do more than just tolerate others. We should appreciate the differences in those around us.

-- Amy

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