Week of December 16, 2001

Be a Savvy Shopper

Investigative buyers should check out Consumer Reports Online For Kids at www.zillions.org. It is the young consumers' advocate, providing information on products and advertisements geared toward kids. Before spending $90 on a new digital camera, find out what other kids thought about a number of cameras for kids. For other money matters, visit the Money Q & A section where you can give and receive economic advice. Do you think the food you see in commercials looks good? Don't be fooled. The Food-ad tricks section shows how things are not always what they seem. Give your two cents at the online Poll and share your opinion about the current topic. Then see what other poll participants have said. Also check out the Daze of Our Lives section where you'll find an ongoing story about Charlie, a not so socially savvy teen. Be smart and buy smart with this cents-able site. (This site is no longer available.)

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How do advertisers keep a strawberry milkshake from melting under the hot lights during a commercial shoot?

Use pudding instead of ice cream
Mix shortening with confectioner's sugar and red JELLO.
Use numerous milk shakes and switch them every 30 seconds


How much fruit counts as a 5 A Day serving?

At most 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day
An apple a day
5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day


How long do most suntans last?
A month
About a week, as long as most sunless tans
6 months




Play With Your Food

The Dole 5 A Day site at www.dole.com/#/superkids reminds you to eat healthy and have fun. You can play with your food in the Music & Games section. The 5 A Day Facts section tells how to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies. Paula Plum and her friends can teach you about nutritious foods in the 5 A Day Friends section. Or learn about foods in the Reference Center. Junior chefs will enjoy the Kids Cookbook, too. Have a berry fun and fruitful day

Here's to Good Health

The greatest changes in life occur when you are a teen-ager. Fortunately, TeensHealth at http://teenshealth.org/teen can help you roll with the changes. There are excellent feature sections on Body Basics, Mind Matters, Food & Fitness and Staying Safe. Be sure to check out the Q & A to find answers to questions that concern most every teen-ager. It's your body and your life. Make the most of it with TeensHealth.

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Dear Amy: What is an anemometer? -- Sam, Bury St. Edmunds, England

Dear Sam: An anemometer measures wind speed. Usually it has three cups that are attached to its center. The cups catch the wind and cause the anemometer to rotate. The number of rotations determines how fast the wind is blowing. For an accurate reading, it is best to place an anemo-meter about 30 feet above the ground. Go to www.energy.ca.gov/education/projects/projects-html/anemometer.html for directions to make your own anemometer. (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: How can I make working at the computer more comfortable? -- Jay, Las Vegas

Dear Jay: Good posture and well-planned placement of your computer equipment will help you be comfortable when working at your computer. You can avoid discomfort while working at the computer by placing your monitor at eye level, keeping your feet flat on the floor and sitting in a chair that provides good back support. CergoS at www.orosha.org/cergos has more suggestions for computer users about organizing work space and maintaining proper posture.

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