Week of November 18, 2001

What's a Guggenheim?

Get a taste of the five Guggenheim museums from around the world at www.guggenheim.org. You'll find a variety of awesome exhibits and collections. View more than 200 artists' works in Venice, Italy, without having to float down a canal. The museum in Berlin, Germany, lets you say "Guten tag" to your friends with a Guggenheim e-card. Even if you can't speak Spanish, you can still enjoy the awe-inspiring architecture in Bilbao, Spain. Hop on a 1969 Harley-Davidson Easy Rider Chopper under the bright lights of Las Vegas and ride toward the highway. Your trip isn't complete until you hit the museum in New York, where you can explore anything from film to jazz. Future art critics and world travelers alike will love this site.

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In which year was the original Guggenheim museum established?



Where is furniture polish stored in the virtual house?

living room


What are the main ingredients in chocolate?
flour, eggs, fudge and sugar
chocolate syrup, baking soda, sugar, salt
chocolate, cocoa butter and sugar (and sometimes milk)




Don't Spill Those Chemicals

The EPA wants you to Learn About Chemicals Around Your House at www.epa.gov/
. In a virtual house, you can learn about hazardous chemicals and how to read labels to see if a product is toxic. Also get a heads up about handling a chemical accident. The Puzzler section will test your knowledge of chemicals with word searches, word finds and crossword puzzles. Stay safely away from chemical spills, and visit this site today.

Chocolate Town, USA

Hershey's Kidztown can sweeten up your life at www.kidztown.com. In the world of chocolate confections, you can take a tour of the factory or check out the Fun and Games section where you'll find crossword puzzles, picture sliders, mazes and a secret message decoder. Let pizza brownies and ice cream sundae recipes and candy crafts invade your kitchen. Take the quiz before you banana-split. (This site is no longer available.)

What do you think about using animals for scientific testing?

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I Can Count!

As we count down to the end of the semester, we realize that our math skills have come a long way from just being able to count. Here is a list of sites to give you the upper hand on some of the more complex aspects of mathematics.



Math Goodies


Visual Fractions: An Online Fraction Tutorial

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