Week of June 3, 2001

Survive the Eco-Challenge

Grab your hiking boots, kayak, canoe, mountain bike and scuba gear and join the Eco-Challenge Expedition Race at www.ecochallenge.com. This unique event features teams of four competing in a round-the-clock, 300-mile (500 km) race. The first team to cross the finish line intact wins. Developed in 1995 by Mark Burnett, now the executive producer of the "Survivor" television show, the Eco-Challenge promotes respect for others and for the environment. All racers must participate in an environmental service project before racing and follow strict rules for carrying out their trash from the race course. Follow the 2001 race in New Zealand on the Web site. These adventure athletes are truly awesome. (This site is no longer available.)

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How far must Eco -Challenge participants camp from isolated water sources?

300 feet
200 yards
1 mile


Who operates the TIROS weather satellites?

International Satellite Group (ISG)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Satellite Systems of the Solar System (SSSS)


Mulch can help prevent what from taking over your garden?




View From The Sky

Orbit the Earth at the Satellite Site at www.thetech.org/exhibits/
. Become an expert on what satellites do, how they operate and what they look like. You even get the chance to assemble your own satellite. Discover how a satellite can always pinpoint your exact location with a Global Positioning System, or take a look at colorful images of hurricanes and volcanoes from high above Earth's atmosphere. Reach for the stars at the Satellite Site.

The Joy of Gardens

Plant some pretty perennials in the Kid's Valley Garden at www.copper-tree.ca/
. Learn about the different sizes and shapes of seeds, and how to plant and care for them to ensure a healthy, flourishing garden. Take your flowers, veggies, herbs and shrubs to a competition to see if you are a master gardener. Cultivate your green thumb in a beautiful garden of your very own. (This site is no longer available.)

What would you do if two of your friends didn't get along at all?

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Splash into Summer

Hooray! Summer is just around the corner, but what are you going to do when you are tired of watching TV, and it's only the second week of summer break? Go outside. Yep, that's where all the good stuff happens. You and your friends can organize a weekly basketball game. Keep track of which team wins. Everyone else has to treat the winners to an ice cream sundae. Contact your local pool to find out what their hours are. Also, see if they have any special deals for people who visit the pool often.

Picnics and barbecues are my favorite things about summer. Have a block barbecue with all of your neighbors. Who knows? You might meet some new kids from your block. If you want to make a little cash, start a lemonade stand. Make sure your sign is big and colorful to catch people's attention. The summer is also a good time to take safety classes like CPR and swimming lessons. You can find more ideas at www.kidsdomain.com/holiday/summer/links.html. However you choose to spend you time, have fun and make new friends!

-- Amy

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