Week of May 27, 2001

Take a Trip to the Stone Age

Stonehenge may be the most famous, but there are many more similar and fascinating stone and rock monuments. Put on your kilt and head to the Ancient Stones of Scotland Web site at www.stonepages.com/ancient_scotland. This site features images and panoramic movies of 182 rock and stone monuments. Click the interactive map to find a monument, or consult the alphabetical list. Some of Scotland's ancient stone monuments date back to 3500 B.C. Many defense towers, called brochs, date to 2,000 years ago. The site includes a glossary so you can keep up with the terminology. And if you find yourself interested in learning more, there's a great reference guide. This trip to the wilds of Scotland is rock-solid!

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The Skara Brae settlement is older than which two of the world's most famous stone monuments?

Egyptian Pyramids and Stonehenge
Mount Rushmore and the Sphynx
Great Wall of China and the Colossus of Rhodes


Approximately how many Americans get the flu every year?

5 to 15 million
15 to 25 million
25 to 50 million


What's the major language of Egypt?




Deadly Demons

Peer through your microscope at Hidden Killers: Deadly Viruses at http://library.thinkquest.org
. You'll discover some virus basics, their military uses, a few of our natural defenses and profiles of these tiny organisms. Find out what is being done to protect ourselves from deadly viruses such as HIV and Ebola. When you're done, wash your hands well.

United Nations for Kids

Ride the information superhighway to the United Nations Cyber School Bus at www.un.org/Pubs/CyberSchoolBus. Check out some of the UN's 189 countries in the Country at a Glance section. Explore an animated adventure with Pook and her animal friends as they do their best to make the world a better place. Take a peek at some of the artwork made by other kids around the world. This bus goes around the entire world.

How much money should 8- to 10-year-old kids get for allowance?

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Dear Amy: What are some fun things to do in the car on summer vacation? -- Julie, Binghamton, N.Y.

Dear Julie: Summer vacation is always fun, but those long trips can be boring. Klutz.com at www.klutz.com/roadgames1.cfm has a bunch of games that you can print and take with you. You can also look for travel-sized games at your local toy store. Consider taking a pack of playing cards with you. Go to www.pagat.com/alpha.html#no to find the rules to hundreds of card games. Crayons, coloring books and your favorite music are also great things to help pass the time. Have a great trip! (The first site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: What are cookies, and how do we benefit from them? -- Brandon, Atchison, Kan.

Dear Brandon: Cookies are small text files that a site places on your hard disk. The file gives you a special ID code. When you return to that Web site, the cookies help the site count your visit and keep track of the areas you go to. This allows the Web site creators to tailor their site to your preferences. For more in-depth info about cookies, check out www.howstuffworks.com/cookie.htm.

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