Week of May 6, 2001

The World of the Cell

Get out your microscope and have a look at CELLS Alive! at www.cellsalive.com. This site features everything cellular. Explore the world of cell structure and function, including sections on plant and animal cells, mitosis and the cell cycle, and the way-cool cell cams. In the Microbes section, you can see images of actual virus, bacteria and parasite cells. The important section on the immune system has facts about HIV, allergies and mites. Learn how our cells both feed and fight micro-organisms such as the itsy-bitsy mite. Finally, feast on pictures in the Cell Gallery or send a MicroGram to your friends, an electronic greeting complete with a cool picture of a cell. Even though cells are small, CELLS Alive is huge!

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What's the primary importance of a cell's cytoskeleton?

helps the cell digest food
helps the cell keep its shape
helps the cell stay alive


What's the real name for a tidal wave?

big kahuna
extreme wave


The Petrified Forest contains fossils from what geological time period?
Jurassic Period
Early Cretaceous
Late Triassic Period




Wacky Weather

Grab your poncho and head for Weather Gone Wild at http://library.thinkquest.org
. Discover the different types of snowstorms, and learn what to do if you're ever caught in an avalanche. Follow the water cycle through evaporation, condensation and precipitation. And be sure to check out the tornadoes, floods and hurricanes. This site will have you soaring into the atmosphere.

Discovering Dinosaurs

Check out Walking With Dinosaurs at www.bbc.co.uk/sn/prehistoric_life/dinosaurs. This site features a time line of dinosaurs, from the late Triassic period through their extinction. You can search for your favorite dinosaurs at the Dino Fact File. Get the latest news and finds as well as some articles from the experts in the Dig Deeper section. Then spend some time with the Big Al game. There's tons more to do, so get ready to have a dino-mite time. (This site is no longer available.)

What's your favorite thing about springtime?

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Five Years for 4Kids

It's amazing! 2001 marks the five-year anniversary of www.4Kids.org Since 1996, we have been cruising the Web, scouting out the safest, funnest, coolest kid sites around. During those years, we have reviewed over 1,300 great sites for kids. To celebrate this five-year milestone, I dug through our back issues and chose my top five favorite featured sites to share again.

Boowa & Kwala

Women In American History
www.women.eb.com (This site is no longer available.)

Amusement Park Physics

Normandy: 1944

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

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