Week of April 29, 2001

A Window Into Space

Make a hyperspace jump to Windows to the Universe at www.windows.ucar.edu. This enormous and exciting Web site has everything you want to know about outer space and the universe. You'll find info on all the planets and the sun. The Kids' Space section includes Ask a Scientist, Fun and Games, Virtual Postcard, a cool Space Art Museum and much more. There are sections on missions to outer space, famous scientists, mythology from most civilizations about the solar system, art about the universe and some fantastic image archives. Each section comes in three flavors for different age groups: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This site will have you reaching for your anti-gravity belt to keep you from floating off into the atmosphere!

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How many known moons orbit Saturn?



When was the first seismograph developed?



What does BMI stand for?
body mass index
bone mass indices
body maintenance index




Earthquakes for Kids

Shake, rattle and roll at USGS Earthquakes for Kids. Point your mouse at http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learning/kids to find out amazing earth- quake facts, and see what happened today in earthquake history. Get caught up on all the latest jargon in this seismic field. There are suggestions for cool earthquake science projects that you can do. And find out if you are ready should an earthquake rumble through your town. This site scores an 8 on the Richter scale.

Feeding Frenzy

Grab a snack from Smart Kids Health Zone at http://cyberdiet.com/modules/sk/smartkids.html. Start out at the You and Nutrition section to find out what you should be eating in your diet. The Eating Smart section has info about the food pyramid and food labels so you can become a healthier food shopper. Also, take the Fast Food Challenge and become a smarter food consumer today.(This site is no longer available.)

What do you think about requiring metal detectors in schools?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Do I really have to wear my seatbelt in the car? -- Pete, Holbrook, Ariz

Dear Pete: Yes, you need to wear your seatbelt. Not only is it the law in most states, it's also a good idea. Many people are in car wrecks and get seriously injured because they were not wearing their seatbelts. People who buckle up are much less likely to get injured if they have an accident while wearing a seatbelt. At http://kidshealth.org/kid/watch/out/car_safety.html you can find info that will help you learn to be safe when you are traveling.

Dear Amy: Why is sharing MP3s a violation of copyright law? -- Kyle, Fairfield, Conn.

Dear Kyle: When someone makes unauthorized copies of copyrighted material, such as art or music, it's called copyright infringement. When people share copies of MP3s with each other, such as on Napster, the hard-working musicians who get paid when you buy their CDs don't get any money. It's a very complicated issue. The Copyright Website at www.benedict.com can help answer all your questions about copyright law.

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