Week of April 8, 2001

This House Is For The Birds

Spring is here. The flowers are blooming and the birds have returned, so it's time to dust off the binoculars and start bird-watching again. What better way than to build a birdhouse? The Birdhouse Network at http://watch.birds.cornell.edu/nest/home/index offers a citizen-science project that you can participate in. Ask a parent before you join. Then start collecting valuable info about the birds you watch. You'll learn how to build a birdhouse for the kinds of birds you want to watch. Also, the site contains lots of info on all kinds of birds, from the Wood Duck to the Tree Swallow. Bird-watching is a hoot!

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What color are the eggs of the Eastern Bluebird?

sky blue or white


Who was the father of Theseus?

King Aegeus


What letters are used to stand for the four chemicals called bases in DNA?
C, G, T or D
C, A, G or B
G, A, T or C




Ancient Myths

Hike up Mount Olympus to visit the gods, goddesses and heroes of Mythweb at www.mythweb.com. Check out exciting animated stories, such as Hercules and his 12 labors, Odysseus' 20-year journey to get home and much more. See how the Greek stories survive in our language today. There is even an encyclopedia of all the major Greek characters. Beware of Zeus' great lightning bolts as you experience some of the greatest myths of all time.

Double Helix Derby

Grab your lab coat and head to DNA: The Instruction Manual for All Life at www.thetech.org/
. Discover DNA, the tiny strands of info that are stored in every cell of the human body. See DNA in the human hand, and learn about some of its functions in the human body. Answer questions about the ethics of DNA testing. Finally, try finding DNA sequences in the search for the sequence game. Get ready to double helix your fun!

Should kids under 18 be allowed to have plastic surgery?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How can the Web help me spread the word about my lawn-mowing business? -- Jeff, Baltimore

Dear Jeff: Hanging fliers around town is a great way to get your name out. Another fun way to spread the word about your business is by making a Web site. First, check with your parents to get their permission. Next, go to www.smplanet.com/webpage/ webpage.html to learn how to create your Web site. Tell about your business and provide an e-mail address so others may contact you. After that, have fun and rake in the big bucks. Good luck!

Dear Amy: Where can I find mysteries to solve online? -- Saunia, Buffalo, Minn.

Dear Saunia: A fun place to solve mysteries is http://kids.mysterynet.com. It has six mysteries to solve, and you can sign up to receive information about a new mystery each week. Be sure to check with your parents first before signing up. At http://library.thinkquest.org/5109 you can create your own mystery stories and solve other cases as well. There's also a glossary to learn about mystery words. Get out that magnifying glass!

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