White House for Kids
For young people with their eyes on the president's office, there's no better site to check out than White House for Kids. Join Socks the cat and Buddy the dog for a fun-filled tour of the nation's most important address at www.whitehouse.gov/kids. Did you know that the White House was the biggest house in the United States until the Civil War? Or that President William Henry Harrison served the shortest term at 32 days? You'll get a cool history of the White House, back to when George Washington picked a site on the Potomac River. You can also tour the Oval Office and meet President Clinton himself. If you have something to talk over with the prez, you will even find an opportunity to drop him some e-mail. Hail to the chief!

Get Cartoon Crazy Animate yourself at Cartoon Corner, featuring the best in art, stories, puzzles and jokes for kids of all ages. Join the site's cast of colorful characters at www.cartooncorner.com. You'll find short stories, such as "Spicy Meatballs" and "The Bad Hair Day," as well as the before-bedtime favorite "The Beast and Me." Poetry buffs will love the rhyming and rhythm found in "The Spider Who Made Jeans" and "The Weaving Wife." And be sure to check out the challenging puzzles such as Count the Flies, Spill the Milk and Brain Benders. Best of all is the art studio, where you'll learn how to draw cartoons and let your imagination run wild. Happy cartooning. (This site is no longer available.)

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Here's a Web site that's going to send you off the Richter scale. Many people think that earthquakes are the "granddaddy" of all natural disasters. Shake, rattle and roll to www.exploratorium.edu/faultline. Life Along the Faultline will shelter you through famous California earthquakes past and present. Revisit the great quake of 1906 in San Francisco. There are also lots of neat multimedia ways to witness the action, such as interviews with survivors, video clips and earthquake science experiments to do at home. Be sure to check out the video of the massive Loma Prieta quake that interrupted the 1989 World Series. This site will have you quaking in your shoes!

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Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to the questionsbelow, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4KidsDetective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong.Good luck.

1. What pet did President Harrison's son have?

a ferret
a goldfish
a goat
2. What is the secret to drawing cartoons?
good coloring
expensive pencils
3. The Faultline Project follows what famous California fault?
San Diego
San Gabriel
San Andreas

Ask Amy
Dear Amy: Can I use pictures from any Web site on my own Web site? --Kenny, Columbus, Ohio
Dear Kenny: Most pictures on Web sites are copy-righted. Somebody owns those pictures, and you either have to ask for or pay for permission to use copyrighted pictures. But a slew of Web sites offer free clip-art. One spiffy clip-art site is The Clip Art Connection at www.clipartconnection.com. It offers an amazing variety of pictures, animated gifs, buttons and icons for your Web site. Be sure to check with an adult before (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Dear Amy: Where can I find games that I don't have to play on the Internet? --Debbie, Las Vegas, Nev.
Dear Debbie: Macromedia's new Shockwave site at www.shockwave.com offers games, cartoons, music and more. You will also find educational Shockwave for the whole family. You will need the free Shockwave plug-in to play these games. And with the free, new Shockmachine, you can download, save and play your favorites off-line. But remember to check with an adult before you download anything. Have tons of shocking fun. P.S. My favorite game is Shockedmind.

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