Wild Egypt
Get ready for a virtual safari at Wild Egypt, a cool online adventure in search of the country's wonderful wildlife. Wear your khaki pants and hiking boots to http://touregypt.net/wildegypt and meet the animal kingdom that makes this country so special. You'll get the chance to choose your destination, whether the underwater world of the Red Sea, the awe-inspiring Egyptian land, or the historic shores of the Nile River. Browse through photos of the Nile's natural wonders, including colorful birds, beautiful fish and the ever-ferocious crocodiles! Looking for more "seafari" action? The Red Sea section is loaded with goodies, including pictures of sea cows, coral reef and some pesky crabs. Just remember to steer clear of the poisonous lion fish! Desert dwellers may prefer the offerings on land, however, including camels, snakes and sand cats. You'll even meet the adorable desert foxes. And in case the cobras are bothersome, fierce mongooses will be sure to protect you. Explorers, it's time for a camel ride to discover Egypt's beautiful habitats. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Here's Looking At You, Kid Laughter, learning and extreme fun all come together at Kiddonet, a place for kids to hang out and feel at home. Spend your lunch hour at www.kiddonet.com where you'll find tons of cool activities, riddles, quizzes and more. Play popular arcade games such as Pinball, Moon Patrol, Asteriods and Breakout at Game Station. At All-a-Board, you can play board games like checkers and peg solitaire. Be sure to stop by Ranger Rick's treehouse, where you'll get to go on a bug hut, invite ants to lunch, or even make a great bird feeder. Having trouble with an assignment from school? Kiddonet has a special homework help area with study tips and hints. At Kiddonet, there are lots of things for kids like you to do. (This site is no longer available.)

Come To Your Senses
Stimulate your senses and get your brain tingling with a site all about your senses. You can't scratch and sniff the computer screen, but it'll get you noticing what a big deal your senses are in everything you do. Activate your sense of touch first. Get those fingertips on the keyboard and type in http://library.thinkquest.org/3750 for a sense-sational journey with your guide Mr. Potato Head. Tickle his nose and learn about the sense of smell; poke him in the eye and peek into the sense of sight. You'll discover why dirty socks smell worse than roses, and how your ears keep you steady when you-re walking on a balance beam. Be sure to check out the tasty recipe that uses all your senses, too. This site is so very stimulating.

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Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to the questionsbelow, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4KidsDetective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong.Good luck.

1. What is the Red Sea dugong also called?

Sea Cow
Water Buffalo
Lake Moose
2. What snowman game is at the Game Station?
Snowball Fight
Ice, Ice, Baby!
Frosty Family
What is it called when people can't smell?

Ask Amy
Dear Amy: What's in computers that make them remember everything? --Stephanie, DeSoto, Mo.
Dear Stephanie: Computers use many kinds of memory systems that allow them to "remember" things. The most basic are RAM memory and long-term storage devices. RAM memory helps computers remember enough information to do immediate processing. If the power goes out, though, information stored in RAM memory is lost. Hard drives and floppy disks are the other basic computer memory system. They are used for long-term storage. A good Web site to help you learn more about how computers work is the How Things Work Web site at www.howthingswork.com. And remember to surf safely.

Dear Amy: Where on the Internet can I help my family plan next summer's vacation? --Jessie, Provo, Utah
Dear Jessie: One of my favorite sites to discover vacation spots is the National Park Foundation Web site at www.nationalparks.org/?fa=portal. You can search for parks by name or state at this guide to America's National Parks. The Web site also provides a listing of tours and scenic and historic trails. It even lists special-interest parks. Happy planning.

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