Body and Soul
From head to toe, health is as important for kids as it is for adults. That's why Health Windows For Kids is a must-visit site on the Web. Body care counts at www.healthwindows.org where you will find health news you can use, and interactive games to keep things fun. You'll learn about the importance of nutrition, types of illnesses that can afflict kids and the hard facts on smoking. Like to play? Then have a heart and check out the Cardiovascular Crossword Puzzle. Between brain teasers and activities, this site is body-beautiful.(This site is no longer available.)

A Modern Farming Family Things have changed a lot since the days of horses and hand plows. Start up your high-tech tractor and head out to the Midwestern fields with some ordinary farm families. Ring the doorbell at Troublesome Creek at www.pbs.org/ wgbh/ amex/ trouble. They'll be happy to have you, because they want to teach people about the work of modern farmers. The Jordans have been on the same land in Iowa for generations. Daughter Jeanne made a film to show the world how tough it is to hold on to a family farm. Hang out for a while and learn some things about the history of farming in America. They'll show you the family album, too. Farming in today's USA is hard work, so head out to the heartland, and you'll appreciate the families who help to keep food on our tables.

Mastering the Subject
Looking for an easy way to make schoolwork more fun? Then swing by the Kids' Clubhouse, the home for games and resources for math, reading, social studies and science. Bring your school supplies and a brown bag lunch to www.eduplace.com/ kids and prepare to play while you learn. Check out Web Word Find, where you'll test your detective skills by finding specific words hidden in a puzzle. Or create your own Wacky Web Tale, where you might find yourself scoring a touchdown in the big game, or on the search for the elusive Bigfoot. At Reading Dimension, the site's book club, you will be able to share your thoughts on some cool books with all your online pals. Not to be forgotten is Math Central, the home for number crunchers and multiplication table champs! No matter what your subject, you're going to love the fun that's found at the Kids' Clubhouse.

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Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to the questionsbelow, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4KidsDetective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong.Good luck.

1. In 1850, how did farmers cultivate their land?

With their hands
Iron plows
2. How many hidden words are in a Web Word Find?
3. When should kids start learning about their health?
As soon as possible.
After 4th grade.
After 7th grade.

Ask Amy
Dear Amy: Is there a fast way to put up a Web page without learning HTML?--Yvette, Chicago
Dear Yvette: There are lots of places on the Web that make it easy to build a home page, but the easiest and fastest way to post your information is to go to eBoard at www.eBoard.com. It's like a "virtual corkboard" on the Web. In a few minutes, you could put up some words and pictures for a club, a class project or your personal home page. With your permission, other people can add things to the page to exchange information. It does require registration, so ask your parents' for permission before you sign on.

Dear Amy: Where can I learn more about color?--Melanie, Albuquerque, N.M.
Dear Melanie: I found an awesome Web site on color developed by high school students for ThinkQuest at http:// library.advanced.org/ 50065/ colorj. Their site looks at color by investigating its properties, theories, meaning and effect. Each investigation has activities with colorful graphics to help you understand the concepts. The activities are divided into art, science and pychology. You'll discover the amazing effect color has on how we see our world. (This site is no longer available.)

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