What a Difference A Century Makes
At 1900 vs. Now, brought to you by Time.com, you'll get the lowdown on what it was like to be around at the turn of the last century. Go back in time at www.time.com/ time/ time100/ timewarp/ timewarp.html. You'll be surprised to find out that only one in seven homes in America had a bathtub back then, while only one in 13 had a phone! In 1900, only 4,000 cars were sold worldwide. Today there's a whopping 54 million! Our geography has changed too. The world's 15 billion acres of forest have been reduced to 8 billion. During this journey through time, you'll also get acquainted with the British Empire, the Olympics, and the family lives of our forefathers-- all circa 1900. You will be surpised to see how much our world has changed. (This site is no longer available.)

The Life of BirdsTo take off on a birdwatching adventure with Sir David Attenborough, just peck www.pbs.org/ lifeofbirds into your keyboard. Birds are amazing. Spend some time with the flock at The Life of Birds site, and the next time somebody calls you "bird brain," you'll know to say "Thank you!" Birds are smart! Find out everything you ever wanted to know about our tweety neighbors at this cyber-nest. And be sure to check out the "Champions." It's a hall of fame for feathered friends: the longest beak, the biggest bird, the fastest flyer and the loudest call-- you can even hear it through Real Audio.

Jurassic Art
From raging volcanoes to the mighty dinosaurs, the images we think of from the Earth's prehistoric times are always larger than life. At Douglas Henderson's Earth History Illustrations, http:// gallery.in-tch.com/ ~earthhistory you can look back at the full run of early life images. The site's artwork will allow you to trek through lush jungles, coal forests and masses of glacial ice. The pictures are divided into periods of the Earth's history, from the Devonian Period to the Pleistocene Epoch. Along the way, you'll marvel at ancient sharks, massive amphibians and flying beasts. Best of all are the dinosaurs from the Jurassic era, who dominated the Earth's landscape. (This site is no longer available.)

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Be a 4Kids Detective

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1. What champion bird flies 180 miles per hour?

asian raven
peregrine falcon
brown eagle
2. What is Montana's state dinosaur?
3. What was the world population in 1900?
600 million
1.6 billion
6.5 billion

Ask Amy

Dear Amy: What is QuickTime VR?--Ellen, San Diego

Dear Ellen: The QuickTime VR plug-in allows your Macintosh or Windows computer to view virtual reality "movies" downloaded from the Web. By dragging your cursor inside a QTVR movie, you can view the panoramic scene in every direction. These movies can even have hot spots and link to other movies for a "virtual tour" of the location. It's the next best thing to being there. Check out this panoramic tour of some monumental sites in Portugal at www.sribascad.com/ egalithicMonuments/ Megalithic.html. There are links to download the software you will need. (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: What's instant messaging?--Alan, St. Louis
Dear Alan: Instant messaging is a lot like online chat, but it has some additional features that give you more personal control. The AOL version, called AIM, allows you to find online "buddies" by using a wizard or searching for them by name, e-mail address or by type of interest. Other people can find you if you publicize your interests. There are more privacy controls to limit your real time conversations to just one friend or a few. Because it's chat, you should ask your parents' permission before you use it.

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