Loud and Proud!
At the Web site for the National Hollerin' Contest in Spivey's Corner, N.C., you'll get the chance to celebrate the great folk culture from this part of the country. Twist and shout at www.ibiblio.org/hollerin. The holler has been found to exist in Europe, Africa and Asia. Be sure to download the different types of hollers, from the danger holler to the ranching call to the good old-fashioned "howdy neighbor!" Listen up for all the hoots, howls and yells from the contest. Heeee-hawwww!

Endangered Species AlertWhales, bison and jaguars are just a few of the Earth's beautiful creatures that need your attention today. At E-Patrol: Endangered Species Alert, you'll get the lowdown on the world's animals that are threatened by extinction. Safari out to www.epatrol.org to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of these animals. The site takes you across the globe to places like Australia, where youšll enjoy the hiss of the frilled lizard and the cuddly charm of the koala. South of the equator, you'll meet threatened mammals such as the giraffe, the squirrel monkey, the cheetah and the zebra. And closer to home, you'll swim with the alligator and soar with the majestic bald eagle. The site is loaded with sweet graphics and photos. Plus, by taking the E-Patrol pledge, youšll prove to yourself and your friends that you truly can make a difference.

A Cyber-spot For All Teens
Sure, chat is fun, but sometimes you want a site that isn't just a bunch of kids blabbing at other kids about whatever clothes they think are hip. If you're looking for a place to let off some steam, talk about a dream or hatch a helpful scheme, get with these teens. Wiggle a finger at www.teencentral.net and you'll see that TeenCentral is all happening and no hype. It's a free site for teens only-all teens (boys AND girls!), all ages, all real, all private. Experts run the site, so not only can you voice your issues or learn from other teens' stories, you can get access to real *help* that's specific for whatever problems you're dealing with. Having trouble with classes? Getting picked on? Dating woes? Worried about fitting in? (Or maybe you've got advice to help others.) Any little thing is not too little if it's bugging you.

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Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to the questionsbelow, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4KidsDetective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong.Good luck.

1. When did the National Hollerin' Contest begin?

2. What info does TeenCentral ask when signing in?
your address
your nickname
your phone number
3. When did wild bison become extinct in North America?
early 1800's
late 1800's
early 1900's

Ask Amy
Dear Amy: Where can I find Egyptian wallpaper for my kid's Web site?--Joanne, Buloxi, Miss.
Dear Joanne: I have searched some popular background archives such as The Pixel Foundry's at www.pixelfoundry.com/ bgs.html but most of them are small images that look like textures when they are repeated in a background. If you have an Egyptian picture you want to use, then you will have to digitize it or download another one from the Web that is already digitized. It will have to be saved in the .gif or .jpeg format. To make it work, just follow the instructions for wallpaper on the HTML Goodies Page at www.htmlgoodies.com. ( These Web sites are no longer available.)

Dear Amy: What do World Wide Web servers do?--Luis, Mesa, Ariz.
Dear Luis: A Web server is a program that runs on a computer connected to the Internet. When a browser (a client application like Netscape) requests a document (like a Web page), the server sends it to the browser. The browser formats the page according to the HTML code. Servers do other things, too. They record the activities requested of them and determine who has permission to access files. They also connect to other programs called CGIs that could take data from an online form and send back information.

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