All Aboard for Kinetic City!
Throw your lab kit into your backpack and punch a ticket to www.kineticcity.com. It's a colorful, comic book cyberworld where cool science comes to life. Meet Megan, Keisha, Max and Curtis, your new clubmates. They'll be taking you on all kinds of super sleuth adventures. Chase underwater ghosts in a city under the sea, fall into a gravity trap, or catch the clash of the rival robot Metal Heads. Each adventure challenges you to solve a mystery. The CyberClub won't just have you running around in circles, though. Every adventure you join and every game you play racks up points to spend on cyber freebies. You'll be glad you made a trip to this science city.

Riding into the Past At the Bicycle Museum of America, you'll go cycling on all kinds of two-wheeled classics, from elegant antique bicycles of the 1800s to the balloon-tire classics of the 1940s to the banana-seat specials of the 1960s. Hold tight onto your handlebars and spin out to www.bicyclemuseum.com where'll you discover one of the largest collections of bikes in the world. You'll find colorful photos and fun facts about such old-world classics as the 1883 Columbia Expert, and the 1870s Shire Boneshaker. The collection takes you right to the present and includes the 1998 Huffy Good Vibrations. Be sure to take a ride on a 1950 Gene Autry Westerner, designed with jeweled fenders and chainguard, and a pony head on the fork crown. The Bicycle Museum of America could be the ride of your life!

A Prairie People
Take a journey into the lives of the Lakota Sioux, a people who can lay claim to a beautiful and rich culture. At the Lakota Sioux Web site, you'll learn about a fascinating heritage that at one time prospered across the Great Plains. Head for the South Dakota prairie at www.littlesioux.org and meet thousands of the Lakota Indians at the Rosebud Reservation. You'll learn about such famous Sioux as Hollow Horn Bear, Iron Shell, Two Strike and, of course, Crazy Horse, who defeated General Custer's army in the Battle of Little Big Horn. Visit the Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum, where you'll see the intricate handwork in the warbonnets, moccasins, ceremonial robes and beaded blankets. Ride out to Rosebud, and find out why the Lakota Sioux made the Great Plains truly great! (This site is no longer available.)

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Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to the questionsbelow, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4KidsDetective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong.Good luck.

1. On which coin does Chief Hollow Horn Bear appear?

a penny
a nickel
a dime
2. Who did the KC CyberClub help experiment with gravity?
3. In what country was the 1816 Draissine bicycle made?

Ask Amy
Dear Amy: Is there is life on other planets?--Christy, Denver
Dear Christy: No one knows for sure if there is life on other planets, but you can help the scientists who listen for signals of extraterrestrial life. You could even become a co-discoverer. SETI@home of USC Berkeley is asking home computer users to run a screensaver program that analyzes data while their computers are inactive. To get the software and to find out more about how it works, go to SETI's Web site at www.setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu. They are supporting almost every kind of computer, except for WebTV, so you may want to read the FAQ for the minimum requirements.

Dear Amy: How can I change the background color on my home page?--Tom, Milwaukee
Dear Tom: It's easy to change your background color to white by adding the following HTML tag to your page <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF"> To change the color from white, replace the six Fs in the tag with another hexidecimal color code. To find out which codes belong to which colors, go to Palatte Man at www.paletteman.com. You can even choose a color for your text so it's easy to read. When you're done, e-mail the colors to yourself and paste them into your tags.

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