.Volume I, Issue 19, September 8, 1996

Birmingham Zoo's On-line Animal Adventure
The Birmingham Zoo has everything you'd want in a really cool zoo page, including great pictures and stories about all of your favorite animals. But a visit to www.birminghamzoo.com is not just a trip to the zoo. Put on your khakis and join the zoo staff on their Kenyan Safari. Then grab a life jacket and float with them through the Galapagos Islands. When your travel adventures are over, download the zoo 'zine, "Animal Tracks," and take the kid's quiz or be a zoo sleuth. A visit to this zoo is an animal lover's on-line vacation, so pack your lunch and browse to the Birmingham Zoo Official Homepage.

What Will School Be Like in 2096?
Your ability to think up new things can be put to good use at Futureplace. At this site, you can be a member of a design team making plans for life on Earth in the next century and beyond. Think about schools in the year 2096. Will kids still go to a place called school? Will they be in virtual classrooms? Will they study the way we do now? How will they be taught? Imagine the future is here and you are in charge. Go to www.itp.tsoa.nyu.edu/ ~alumni/ dlasday/ links/ dmenu.html and share your ideas about the Futureplace future school. Plans for theme park attractions and many other things are welcome as well, so take a trip to Futureplace and get a glimpse of how life might be in 100 years. (This site is no longer availble.)

Best Friends AnimalNet: An Electronic Magazine
If you already have a furry friend or are thinking of adopting one from your local humane society, www.bestfriends.com is a good link to take. AnimalNet is an e-'zine full of useful information to help you and your pet live happily together. And if you're interested in bigger buddies, like Siberian tigers, AnimalNet is worth a look. Features change every month, but you'll always find stories on our endangered friends or other animal issues. You may find yourself howling at some strange animal shenanigans, too, like the animal-friendly police officer who answered a choking kitten's 911 call. When you're through reading, get yourself a cyber pet! These cats and dogs live on your computer desktop and don't require walks or a pooper scooper. Try a free trial version of a virtual kitten at www.petz.com/catz4.html or dog at www.petz.com/dogz4.html and be amazed by your new friend's lifelike motions and meows. (The last two sites are no longer available.)

Dear Amy: I downloaded something that said I needed Adobe Acrobat to view it. What does this mean?--Kendra, Blue Springs, MO

Dear Kendra: Acrobat is a program that lets you view pdf files. Regular files or even things like catalogs with pictures can be made into pdf files and put on the Web for downloading. The awesome part is when you look at it or print it, the document looks great. You don't need any fonts and it works for most computers. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can go to http://get.adobe.com/reader and download the reader. Then you'll be able to look at the file you downloaded.

Dear Amy: I got an e-mail from my friend who moved to Georgia. All the kids in her class can put their biographies on their school's home page. I want to put my bio on the Internet, but my school doesn't have a home page. What can I do? --Emma, Eureka, CA

Dear Emma: While you're waiting for your school to go on-line, post your ideas on other pages, like The Diary Project at www.well.com/ user/ diary/ which will also accept artwork, poetry and photos. Not everything will get posted, but even if your stuff's not put up, you can check out what other kids are thinking and writing. (This Web site is no longer available.)

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