.Volume I, Issue 21, September 22, 1996

Pizza On-line and in Your Kitchen
Build the virtual pizza of your dreams in the Electronic Pizza Kitchen at www.internetuniv.com/order Pick all the toppings you want, from the usual, like pepperoni, green pepper or black olives, to the way-out and wacky, like Twinkies, corn dogs, marshmallows and toy drums! Go virtually crazy--all the toppings are free! Then add a note and have your pizza delivered by e-mail to your best friend. If this pizza-creating makes your mouth water and your stomach rumble, go to www.eat.com/ cookbook/ pizza-quick/ pq-deli-bagel.html the Deli Bagel Pizza site, and get complete, step-by-step, easy-as-pie instructions for making a great mini-pizza. Delicious and quick, it's sure to satisfy any appetite and any pizza craving--at least any real pizza craving! (These sites are no longer available.)

Kids Can Cook With a Kid Cookbook
Even if you' ve never boiled water, you can be a successful chef-just follow the recipes in the Kid's Cookbook at www.dole.com/Recipe/tabid/715/Default.aspx. Yes, you can wow your friends and amaze your family with a tempting, crunchy vegetable burrito bandito, but more importantly, you'll fill your tummy with tasty treats you made with your own two hands. Vegetable Pasta Italiano, Musical Fruit Melodies and Pint-Size Banana Raisin Pancakes are just a seductive sampling of all the wonderful culinary creations you can whip up with the guidance of this simple-but-sophisticated guide for the budding gourmet.

Eat Healthy and Exercise--It's Fun!
Eating healthy can be easy and fun when you follow the Food Pyramid Guide at http:// ganesa.com/ food/ foodpyramid.html Follow the guidelines here for a nutritious, balanced and yummy diet. Then, once you' re ready to turn over a new (spinach) leaf and eat healthy, go to http:// ificinfo.health.org/ 10tipkid.htm and make the 10 Tips to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity a way of life. Hey, you say, kids are too busy to exercise and eat right! Yeah, kids are busy, but it' s easy to fit exercise into your day--bike to school or walk to your friend's house when you can. Even the busiest people can grab a quick and healthy breakfast on the way out the door in the morning. Living healthy can be fun and can be done, and these tips will help make a healthier, happier you. So get up and get going! (These sites are no longer available.)

Dear Amy: How do I find games on the Internet? I have been looking everywhere and I can't find much. -- Nathan, Granville, NY

Dear Nathan: If you need a break from your homework, I' ve found a couple of Web sites that have tons of games. Start with Shareware Games and Demos at http://games.mgweb.com If you get tired of playing, you can vote on your favorite games or chat live on-line to other people about games. Another awesome games Web site is the Game Page of the Universe at www.pht.com/ game/ universe It has a list of on-line game pages as well as links to some on-line game magazines. (These sites are no longer available.)

Dear Amy: I've just started using the Web and I don't know where to go to begin. Can you help? -- Eric, Annapolis, MD

Dear Eric: There is a Web site called Kiddin' Around that is just for kids new to the Web at http://alexia.lis.uiuc.edu/ ~watts/ kiddin.html You' ll find lots of helpful tips on getting started and lots of links to cool places once you are ready to get going on the Information Highway. Happy motoring! (This site is no longer available.)

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