.Volume I, Issue 18, September 1, 1996

Kids Web: A WWW Digital Library
You're ready to get to work on your first project of the new school year, but you don't know where to begin. For topics ranging from solar eclipses to Van Gogh to the passage of a bill in Congress, take a research short cut to www.npac.syr.edu/ textbook/ kidsweb. Here you'll find sites sorted under major topic headings, like Literature and Chemistry, so the initial searching has been done for you. Under each subject, there are links to lots of Web resources. But all work and no fun is not the rule at this on-line bibliotech-links to games and sports sites are here, too, so whatever your interests, this bookless library is a great launching pad onto the WWW. And you don't have to whisper! (This site is no longer available.)

What in the World Is an Opah? Look It Up!
Go to http:// c.gp.cs.cmu.edu:5103/ prog/ webster Webster's e-dictionary, whenever you need a word defined. Just enter the word, click "search," and voila! The definition appears. By the way, an opah is a . . . (This site is no longer available.)

Kids Pub
Write stories? Want someone to read them? Want an e-mail pen pal? Go to KidPub, the coolest place on the Web for writers too young to vote. Publish your stories on the WWW so people all over the world can read them. It's easy, even if you've never done it before-just fill in a form. You can join the KidPub Crew, too, and work with other imaginative types on a hilarious story-in-progress. While you're at KidPub, sign up for a KeyPal, a pen pal who uses e-mail instead of snail mail, and make an on-line friend. KidPub helps get classes on-line, so maybe your school can be part of this electric writers' workshop. KidPub is all about the craft of word smithing, so if you've got the writing bug, crawl to www.kidpub.com.

A Real Cow's Eye
You can almost feel the eye yourself at this on-line interactive laboratory at www.exploratorium.edu/learning_studio/cow_eye. Sit in at the Cow's Eye Dissection site and see pictures and hear audio recordings (see Ask Amy) of an actual dissection. You'll get an eyeful and an earful! Want more? Down-load the interactive graphics and follow some of the suggested links for more anatomical fun. What do you think? Is it awesome, or digusting? The Exploratorium wants feedback from you.

Dear Amy: What's RealAudio? I see the symbol for it on some Web sites I have visited, but I don't know how to play the sounds.-Alan, Tulsa, OK

Dear Alan: Some Web sites offer audio recordings that you can download and hear. The awesome thing about the free RealAudio Player is that you don't have to wait for an audio file to download completely before you can listen to it. The file starts playing right after you click on its icon. RealAudio works like a CD player. You can pause, rewind, fast-forward, stop and start. On the Web, you'll find music to listen to, but you will also find lots of other sounds, too. If you go to the Cowęs Eye Dissection site in this issue, you'll hear stuff about the cow's eye that you wouldn't know by just looking and reading. At some sites, you can listen to radio stations, the news, and even live cybercasts. There are links to lots of Web sites serving RealAudio at http://guide.real.com The RealAudio Player can run on Macintosh, Windows and Unix computers with a sound card. To find out more and to get the free player software go to: www.real.com/realplayer. (Disclaimer: The RealAudio Web site now contains advertisements.)

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