.Volume I, Issue 16, August 18, 1996

Look! Up in the Sky!
Is that a frog? It's a flying frog all right, painted on a kite. Want to see more? Go to the Dancing Frog Kites Productions Web site www.nbn.com/ people/ harris/ Dancingfrog where you can view other unusual kite art and find out how these amazing aero-amphibians are constructed. When your neck has had enough of looking up, look down. Get a kite's view of the world below at The Kite Aerial Photography site www.ced.berkeley.edu/ ~cris/ kap/ See what it's like to soar over canyons, beaches and off the edge of tall buildings. Charles Benton's photograpy will blow you away, and you can find out all of his kite camera secrets in his how-to section. You may get an inkling from this site that kites are more than pretty objects in the sky, and you're right. (These sites are no longer available.)

Frisbee Fun & Fetch Freestyle
Even if your dog's no Einstein, the Dallas Dog & Disc Club at www.dallasdogndisc.com can help you and your canine learn enough doggie disc basics to play a friendly game of flying fetch. From the first sniff of the plastic platter to getting Rover to give back the Frisbee once he's caught it, your friends in Dallas have the answers. If your dog is already a fine retriever, but you need practice with the Frisbee, hover at www.frisbee.com the Frisbee Freestyle page, where you can bone up on the most basic of basics and try out more advanced techniques like the "Flamingo Catch." While you're there, take a minute to ogle over the Freestyle slide show and videos. This is the perfect site for new and long-time Frisbee flingers, so check it out!(The second site is no longer available.)

Take Flight With Paper Airplanes
The Flat Bed. The Classic Dart. Trucks and cars? No, these are paper airplanes grounded in the Paper Airplane Hangar at www8.gratisweb.com/byeomans// where you will find step-by-step directions to make these and other planes, including the Vortex, a piece of paper folded into a cylinder and thrown like a football with lots of spin on it. Don't believe it will really fly? Try it yourself and find out, and then fold and fly the other models. Having flight troubles? Does your plane nose dive or veer too far in one direction? Refer to the troubleshooting guide for tips on how to fix these and other problems. Flight safety must be reviewed prior to takeoff, so don't forget to read the fun-but-safe safety section of the paper airplane manual. After you've test-piloted the planes, fly by the links to other airplane sites. (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: I am just learning how to use a computer. Is there somewhere I can go to help me learn how to use a computer?--Megan, Harrisburg, PA

Dear Megan: Classes are offered in lots of places, like schools, libraries and user groups. The stores that sell computers often have general-interest classes about the kind of computers they sell, but it is more common to see training about a single computer program. Generally, you have to learn about a specific program and in the process you will learn more about your computer. A good place to start is to call a local user group that uses the same computer or software in which you are interested. The neat thing about taking a training course is you get to meet other people who also have an interest in computers. Sharing experiences about computers is part of the fun.

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