.Volume I, Issue 13, July 28, 1996

Do you know the difference between a toothed and a baleen whale? Is a Killer Whale really a killer? What does whale song mean? Let a cetacean biologist (whale scientist) answer your questions about whales when you swim over to http://whale.wheelock.edu. A whale of a good time awaits you at WhaleNet. Follow "Metompkin," an endangered Northern Right Whale, as the scientists observe her movements in the North Atlantic. Access WhaleNet data, case studies, a slide show, and a marine mammal resource list THE SIZE OF A GREAT BLUE WHALE. WhaleNet also offers loads of fun, whale-related activities as well as whale links of the week. Dive deep into the Web to discover the real Gentle Giants of the Seas!

What do tribal people around the world have in common with tree frogs and mountain gorillas? They are all being threatened by the destruction of the rainforests. Rainforests are places of beauty and natural riches. At the Rainforest Action Network, you can learn more about how you can help save the rainforests and the endangered species that inhabit them. Read stories from those who live in the rainforest or test your knowledge in a special quiz. By trekking down to http://ran.org/rainforestheroes you can become a rainforest expert and help Mother Nature at the same time.

he San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is one of thousands of SPCA/Humane Society shelters around the country working hard to find good, loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and many other lost or deserted animal friends. Come to the city on the Bay and find out how one shelter has created a unique plan to assist our animal companions to a better, happier life. Run, hop, trot or kitten-stroll over to www.sfspca.org Then, visit your local animal shelter to see what you can do.

Did you know that "all living things need water, but not all living things drink-some animals get all the water they need from their food?" Or, did you know that "wolves may howl messages to each other from a mile or two apart"? Find out more Gee Whiz Facts, add your name to the Mix'em Hall of Fame, groan at the puns in Ranger Rick's Riddle Picks, or match the animals with their tracks! Learn about the creatures who share the planet with us while you play games, take a cool tour of water, wetlands, endangered species and our public lands. Follow the tracks to the National Wildlife Federation's Animal Tracks Kid's Page at www.nwf.org/kids. Hurry! Ranger Rick is waiting to take you on the wildest World Wide Web adventure ever!

Dear Amy: I'm very concerned aboutthe future of the earth's plants and animals. Is there anything I can do tohelp the environment? - Mike, Danbury CT

Dear Mike: It's great to hear that there are so many kids like yourself who want to take action to make our planet a better place to live. There are many kids around the world who are actively involved in environmental causes. The Sierra Club's Student Coalition at http://ssc.sierraclub.org is a great place to start. Their newsletter and chat room will keep you up-to-date about all the important work that student activists are doing for the planet. Earth Force at gopher:// gopher.earthforce.org:7007/ is an organization on the Internet where you can speak out with other Earth Force kids at town meetings and "Go Wild For Wildlife" with thousands of other Earth Force kids. (The second site is no longer available.)

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