Week of December 5, 2010

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What is the name of the topmost layer of the Earth's atmosphere?

How many varieties of apples are there?
Over 7500

What does the word “puppet” mean?
Special toy
A figure representing a person
Character in a play

Science All Around

blue racecarAmerican Chemical Society's Science for Kids, http://acswebcontent.acs.
, is an awesome resource that covers many science-related topics ranging from architectural structures to water. Browse through the alphabetical list and choose any category to begin. Click on Soap and Detergent to find out how these suds are made and to reveal the secret behind the unsinkable Ivory soap. Move over to Magnets and tag along with the critter kids as they find out why magnets are attracted to some items but not others. Bookmark this site for school.

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One Step at a Time

kids playing baseballChildhood obesity is at an all-time high. You can be part of the solution when you visit Let’s Move: 5 Simple Steps to Success at www.letsmove.
. Growing up to be a healthy adult is a big challenge, but any child can take it on. Being healthy means that you will get to enjoy life to the fullest. Maybe you want to add a new fruit or veggie to your diet, make a healthy dinner, or take time out to do jumping jacks. Staying active and eating well will do wonders for your body. Try it and see!

Puppet Master

marionetteBring creations to life at The Art of Puppetry, http://theatre.civilization.ca/
, where many different kinds of puppets, such as hand and rod puppets, are featured. This site allows you to explore the Canadian Museum of Civilization's puppet collection while you learn about the amazing history behind this art form. Once you know what makes a puppet come “alive,” move to World Puppet Theatre Traditions to discover how different nations use puppetry in their cultures. Feeling inspired? Now try to make your own puppet.

Speak Out

What is your favorite vegetable?

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A Tradition of Kindness

One of the things that make the holiday season so special is celebrating with loved ones. If you're looking for a fun new way to celebrate the season, try putting a new twist on old traditions in a way that benefits homeless pets. If your family hosts a holiday party, ask guests to bring items such as pet food or old blankets that animal shelters need. Contact your local animal shelter for a list of needed items beforehand so guests know what to bring. Do you enjoy baking holiday cookies? Set up a bake sale to benefit a local shelter. You can even try baking dog treats for customers' canine companions. For more fun ideas, visit www.animalsheltertips.com/holidays_for_kids.html and www.animalsheltertips.com/family_holiday_traditions.html.

Another way you can help homeless pets is by purchasing holiday gifts from Humane Domain, www.humanesociety.org/shop, the online store for the Humane Society of the United States. Your local animal shelter may also sell items such as T-shirts and calendars that make great gifts for the animal lover in your life.


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