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What is jazz also known as?
The father of blues music
The world's greatest music
America's classical music

What is another name for the climax?

The conflict
The turning point
The resolution

In which stage does the Command Service Module separate?
Stage 1
Stage 3
Stage 5

All That Jazz

jazz singerBoogie down with Jazz in Time, http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/
, and learn all you can about jazz history and the inspiration behind this fabulous musical style. There are many kinds of music that make up jazz, such as ragtime and the blues, and each has a special story to tell. Move up to the 1920s and see jazz go national, fueled by economic prosperity and hope. Now, stomp your feet for the “hard bop” of the 1950s, and learn how rock and jazz formed an unforgettable fusion in the 1970s. Enjoy!

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A Pinch of Literacy

Cinderella dancing with the PrinceFigure out what it takes to hook your reader and improve your writing skills at Interactives: Elements of a Story, www.learner.org/
. This site explains how storytelling is much like following a recipe. Mix together a little intrigue and a dash of conflict for an unforgettable yarn. By listening carefully to the famous fairy tale “Cinderella”, you will learn how special storytelling techniques, such as plot development, are applied. Try them out and share your creative works with friends.

Mission to the Moon

Apollo 11 rocketWe Choose the Moon, http://wechoose
, invites aspiring astronauts and space lovers alike to prepare for an unforgettable journey into outer space. Click on Launch to send your craft, Apollo 11, into orbit. There are many photo slide shows and video galleries introducing you to important moments in space travel, so take time to browse through them carefully. Listen to the original audio transmission to hear firsthand accounts from the experts on the mission to the moon and take note of your extraordinary surroundings.

Speak Out

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Let's Get Fit and Focused

You've probably heard that yoga is a great way to exercise and unwind at the same time. What you may not know is that some schools have started using yoga as a way to decrease bullying. Calming Kids Yoga has found that students in Boulder, Colo., were more focused in school and better able to deal with anger and stress after taking yoga classes. As a result, the school was a more peaceful place with less bullying and violence. If you want to learn more, visit the sites below. KidsHealth has great yoga moves for older kids and teens to try out, and Activity TV Yoga is geared to a younger audience.

Calming Kids Yoga


Activity TV Yoga


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