Week of November 7, 2010

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How many cells are replaced in your body every minute?
3 million
30 million
300 million

What does SAR stand for?

Search and Rescue
Search and Recovery
Survival and Recovery

Who was the first dancer
to dance
“en pointe”?
Pierina Legnani
Anna Pavlova
Marie Taglioni

You’re in Control

cellNobelprize.org's Control of the Cell Cycle, http://nobelprize.org/
, will help science novices learn about the process a cell goes through as it divides and multiplies. Pay close attention to the slide show demonstrating cell deaths and births because you will need to know it by heart. You are being recruited to a challenging mission as the new Cell Division Supervisor. There has been a cell death, and only you, now a cell expert, can take control and make sure that a new cell takes its place. Time is of the essence. Good luck!

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Bark, Bark! Where Are You?

dogsCalling dog lovers everywhere! Hunter's Search Dog Kids Area, http://jcsda.com/kids, is a great place to find out how dogs can play a role in wilderness safety. Click on All About SAR Dogs to discover how these super-smart canines help find people who get lost in the wild. From learning how to jump high and run fast, to obeying commands, this is no easy job. You should also check out Hunter's Wilderness Tips so you can be safe and enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind. Hats off to the dogs who work hard watching out for our safety!

Jump with Joy

man performing CapoeiraThe National Arts Centre of Canada’s ArtsAlive: Dance, www.artsalive.ca/en/dan, is an awesome resource for those who love dance or want to know more about it. Enroll in Dance 101 and learn the fundamentals about why people dance and some basic human anatomy that helps propel dancers high into the air. Understanding Dance will help build your appreciation as you learn to enjoy this art form with family and friends. Do not miss Making Dance, where every plie has a purpose. Now see if there are local dance classes or performances that you can attend.

Speak Out

What is the coolest Halloween costume
you saw this year?

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Keep It Green All Year

For many people, November means chilly weather and bare trees outside. If you miss the beautiful flowers and trees, why not bring the greenery indoors? There are lots of cool things you can do with indoor gardening. If you like to cook, you can grow herbs such as basil and parsley in a pot on the windowsill. You can even grow citrus fruit indoors by purchasing and then carefully cultivating a dwarf fruit tree.

If flowers are more your thing, you can grow flower bulbs indoors. Paperwhite narcissus and amaryllis bulbs are easy to coax into blooming. To learn how, check out www.kidsgardening.com/growingideas/projects/sept03/pg1.html.

Did you know that some houseplants actually purify the air? For a list of purifying plants, visit www.humeseeds.com/purify.htm. Plus, these plants are easy to grow. Unfortunately, many plants are not safe for pets. Check the pet-friendliness status of your plants at www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/plants. Once you get started, you just might discover that you’ve got a green thumb!


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