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What scientist is featured in Rocket Balloons?

Ul-so means what in Navajo?

All done
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Take cover

When was “The Entry of the Animals Into Noah’s Ark” painted?

Horrific Haunting!

spooky old houseWelcome to Physics.org's Spooky Science Haunted House, www.physics.org/spooky-science. Only the brave can enter, so steady your nerves before you venture in. If the howling wind didn’t scare you  and you gathered your courage to open the door, be prepared to see things that aren’t what they seem! Stare at the spiral and then watch your skin crawl! Try not to run away from the foaming pumpkin, and listen up when the gramophone brings some musical pain. Watch out for one-way mirrors and keep your cool.

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Talking in Code

code talkersNative Words, Native Warriors, www.nmai.si.edu/
, celebrates Native American culture by shining a spotlight on how tribal language was used in WWI and WWII. Fascinating visuals accompany the wonderful stories told about the code talkers, who used their tribal languages to send secret military messages. These men deserve recognition for helping their country outsmart the enemy, but Survival highlights the challenges American Indians faced after they returned from the war. Save this for school.

Test Your Skills

masksGather up your friends and family for the Getty Museum’s games site, www.getty.edu/gettygames. Game night has a new artistic twist with these brain-busters. Think you have sleuthing skills? Try out Detail Detective to discover if you can solve the case. Now try Switch to see if you can spot what is different in the pictures. If memorizing is your strong suit, don’t miss Match Madness, where you will play card games and make important connections. No matter what kind of fun tickles your fancy, Getty Games can guarantee a good time for all.

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What is your favorite fall sport?

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Gimme a Break!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of November. Seems like time always flies by when you're busy with schoolwork. We all know it's important to make sure you have plenty of time to study and finish your homework, but it's also a good idea to take a break once in a while. One of my favorite things to do is to play a quick game online and grab a snack before starting the next round of assignments. Give these game sites a try.

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