Week of October 24, 2010

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What are marine worms also known as?

What ideas are incorporated in after-school activities in Houston?

Yoga and fitness
Healthy snacking and fitness
Fitness and creative writing

Which university is near Iggy
and Wendy's clubhouse?
Queen's University
McGill University
University of Alberta

All Wet

frogPut on your wet suit and dive in deep to start swimming in water knowledge at Wondering About Water, http://nature.ca/explore/
. Cool facts about water, aquatic plants and creatures are just a click away. Have you ever wanted to know what happens to a whale’s body when it dies? Maybe you are curious about why salmon turn red when they spawn. Just pick a question that captures your interest, and a photo and explanation will appear. Share this one with your favorite marine biologist!

Nominate a cool website at:

On Your Terms

Students Taking ChargeKids’ health is a popular topic nowadays. Students Taking Charge, http://students
, will help inspire you to make a positive change in your life, and might even have you blazing a trail of good health at your school. From better school lunches to fun fitness ideas, this site has great tips for talking to school administrators and getting them to speak your language. You can also interview or poll your fellow students so that everyone can get behind new menu and athletic choices.

A New Adventure

tree houseIf chilly weather has you stuck inside and bored, bounce on over to Kid Zone, www.museums.ualberta.ca/kidzone
, for great games and adventures that will keep you busy. Don't let the spooky music scare you off! Enter the tree house, where remarkable games and tantalizing tales wait to be discovered. Mouse over the interior to see all the great offerings and click on one to begin. You can collect clues to add to the clue box and listen to great clubhouse stories. Iggy and Wendy will have you feeling like one of the gang in no time!

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If you had a super secret clubhouse,
what password would you choose?

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Dear Amy: What is geotagging? — Albert, Olathe, Kan.

Dear Albert: Although most people haven't heard of geotagging, some of us have used it already. Geotagging simply means adding location information to different media such as pictures, videos or online messages. Newer smart phones have built-in GPS and are able to track where you are. Then when photos or other media are created, your phone could add location information.

There are lots of cool things you could do with this, such as create a photomap of places you've been on vacation or create a virtual tour of your hometown. If you're in a geography class, you could suggest a project using geotagging. For some ideas, send your teacher to http://geotaggingin

Like other media you share online, it's important to protect your privacy. First, be careful where you share geotagged media and whom you allow to have access. Pictures and videos taken at home could be traced back to your address. If you don't want your media geotagged, make sure your phone's location-sharing feature is set to “off.”


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