Week of September 19, 2010

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Water makes up what percentage of the human body?

Which news link features a globe?

Earth Science

Which school did Richard Serra attend as an art student?
The Art Institute of Chicago
Yale University
Julliard School

An Energy Boost

Girl saying, The EDF Energy Networks’ Power Up, http://powerup.
, is a great resource for students, parents and teachers alike. Electricity is certainly an amazing resource, but because it is so powerful, it should always be handled with care. This site has three sections for different age groups, so click on yours to begin. Great activities such as Circuit Breaker will entertain younger learners, while those in middle school might enjoy Take the Electric Journey. Educators can download lesson plans and get safety tips. Enjoy, and as always, be safe!

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Kids Keepin' Up

unique dressesFeed your mind and brush up on current events with DOGO News, www.dogonews.com, where kids can learn about science, sports, geography and more! Be sure to visit Did You Know? for cool facts such as Pac-Man's real age, and how sustainable farming is taking place on city rooftops. The Amazing link will wow you with fairy-tale fashions, news on the youngest kid to climb Mount Everest, and information on how regular cotton clothes can serve as superhero protective gear. This site is constantly updated, so bookmark it and come back regularly.

Color Me Happy

yellow paint tubeYoung Tate's Saturation, www.tate.org.uk/youngtate/colour, provides a burst of color and a dash of imagination for the artist inside you. Color Theory will guide you through the color wheel and introduce you to new vocabulary terms such as subtractive, partitive and additive color. Color Tools showcases all the implements used to create art, and Color Systems helps explain how math and beauty come together to create color grids. If technology is your thing, click on Digital Color for a look at how manipulating pixels can create wonderful art. This site is not just for the young, so share it with your teachers.

Speak Out

What is your favorite color?

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What's Your Type?

Some people might think blood is gross, but I think it's awesome! As part of the circulatory system, blood brings oxygen to all the different body parts. Blood not only keeps you alive, but it can also be used to save the lives of others. Did you know that every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood? Donating is an easy way to help save a life, so consider donating when you're old enough, or encourage someone you know to donate. To learn more about blood, visit these sites:

What's Blood?

American Red Cross

Genes & Blood Type

Blood Typing Game


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